Identities in a WWII !picture

Ok now I realize how much it would help if I actually had the picture but it is a relatively famous picture.

The picture is of Adolph Hitler and 2 as yet unindentified German Officers. Hitler is shown hopping on 1 leg. Now to my understanding, the picture was taken after the signing the surrender of France in WWII outside the railroad car that the French used to have the Germans sign the armistice ending WWI. Hitler having them pull it out of storage for the occasion and all. Anyway Hitler is doing “a little jig” after the signing and the two officers are looking at him. Who are they? And does anyone know if where this picture exists online?

For the record this is for a trivia contest not because I am some neo-nazi freak…

It’s actually not a photograph, but a film clip. The original clip shows an elated Hitler stamping a foot on the ground in triumph. Allied propagandists made a loop of this clip to make it look like he was “dancing a jig”.

I don’t know off hand who is in the frame with Hitler. I’ll try to find a pic of it online.

Now that you mention it i remember seeing some footage of that. I have also seen it as a picture in several books. Not that I can find it at the moment in any of them. I have tried Edward Jablonski’s PICTORIAL HISTORY OF WWII and AIRWAR also by Jablonski. I also looked in I believe it was LIFE magazines pictures from WWII but it was mainly pictures from the Allies(naturally). I have seen this picture a million times but can’t remember what book I have that contains this picture.

I’ve seen a soundie of Spike Jones’ “Der Fuhrer’s Face” and I’m dead certain they used that clip to make Dolfie look like he was dancing to the song, too. It was hilarious.

Cave Diem! Carpe Canem!

I know exactly what your talking about and you can find the picture at
Kinda a pain in the ass though. And it definately came from a news reel clip. I’m still searching for the names though. depends on which clip or frame you see.
I’m on it though and will get back to you though.

What did you use for a keyword search. Using Hitler I don’t find the picture. I found a few paragraphs about some footage that would seem to be the origin of the picture but I could not find the picture itself??