Idiocracy, or the Untitled Mike Judge Comedy. (spoilers)

I liked it, but agree it wasn’t as good as Office Space. I hope the real story of why they tried to bury this movie comes out.

The story wasn’t great, but the movie was packed with brilliant little details; I loved the fast-food chain whose slogan was “Fuck you, I’m eating.” I plan to watch it again, just because I want to get more of the jokes that I think I missed the first time. (“It’s got what plants crave: Electrolytes!”)

And that opening montage was both hilarious and terrifying, as we see the educated, thoughtful couple who are “waiting for the right time” to have a kid, juxtaposed with the stupid, drunk-ass hillbillies who don’t know how to do anything but fight and make more hillbillies.

When the movie was over, we turned off the DVD player and it cut automatically to the TV. On TV were a chest-pounding WWE wrestler and his massively “enhanced” girl/sidekick. Suddenly the satire didn’t seem so far-fetched. We shuddered and turned it off.

Because they already have a TV show about a man of average intelligence dominating a world full of simpletons. It’s called “24”.



That movie is brilliant. The only problem was that I was watching it with a guy who would say, “This is right on” every fifteen minutes. The movie was, but it felt like I was watching it at college with a bunch of political science majors.

We watched this movie this weekend too. It was weird to watch this on Saturday and then go see Children of Men on Sunday. Both depressing but possible futures. I actually liked Idiocracy better.

If nothing else, it serves to identify the reviewers who know anything about SF (i.e. they’ve heard of Cyril Kornbluth, and why he’s relevant in this context).

I thought this movie was FUNNY.

What was satirical about it is that it wasn’t just “look where we’re going”, but “look where we are.” For example, at the doctor’s office, the receptionist has all the buttons that look like various diseases. One one level, he’s saying, “if we get dumber, this is how it’s going to be.” But, on the other level, we already have that. . .it’s not at the doctors office, but we ARE dumb enough to need it at McDonald’s, and we have pictures like that in our drug commercials. And besides, the pictures were funny.

“Monday Night Rehabilitation” is not like some futuristic leap of logic, but really something you could see a lot of people TODAY being convinced we should try. It’s only one step removed from a few other things we do.

There were some great lines, for example, the doctor (Mac, from Mac & PC) tells him, “your chart says you talk like a fag, and your shit’s all retarded.”

The court scene killed me. . .everything was sponsored. They had a peanut gallery. His lawyer says, “but that other guy said you did it.”

The White House has like 10 satellite dishes on it, and an above ground pool in the front yard. So funny.

The FOX News anchors were funny.

I think this movie catches on. There’s a LOT of funny shit in it, and I think it’s a lot more thought out than it seems at first blush.

I loved the jetskis in the reflecting pool.

I went to the video store for this. The clerk told me they only had one copy, and it was out, but they had ordered more. Fortunately the guy in line behind me mentioned that he’s returned it on his way in.

The sign I thought was hilarious was the women’s restroom sign at Costco. It’s like the symbol for dummies we already have wasn’t dumbed down enough, so they had to actually have a design of a woman sitting on the pot.

“Welcome to Costco. I love you.” :smiley:

Another nice touch. Again. . .just like one-and-a-half steps from where we are now. Even if some of the stuff in the movie made you think, “we’ll never be that dumb”, it’s easier to imagine things moving more in that direction than in the “smarter” direction.

And, like saiorse said, the jetskis and motorboats in the reflecting pool was hilarious.

“That’s in electronics. . .walk that way for about an hour.”

That one makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it. When I went to Costco last week the greeter must have been wondering why I had such a stupid grin on my face when I walked past him.

I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I would totally watch “Ow, My Balls!”

I saw it in the theater when it came out and I laughed my ass off, but then I was very very sad ('cause it’s so “real”). When I left the theater my head hurt. Spending 90 minutes with only stupid people will do that to me.

They already have that show. It’s called America’s Funniest Home Videos. Ass, however, has yet to have been produced.

Your wish is my command. May I present, Jackass.

I definitely enjoyed it. I particularly liked the skyscraper that was falling down, so it was tied to another skyscraper to keep it upright.

“Water? You mean, like from a toilet?”