Idiocracy, or the Untitled Mike Judge Comedy. (spoilers)

I will be suprised if very many people, if any have seen this. I was looked for movies to watch today, and movifone listed “Untitled Mike Judge Comedy” as playing at two local theatres. I could find very little info on it, but Mr. Jeeves and I went, and it was hilarious.

A wicked distopian view of the future, that is scarily accuracte. We were laughing throughout the entire movie, it was great. Unfortunatley, its in its “opening” weekend, and there was a grand total of 6 people in the theatre. There is almost zero publicity out there for this that I could find. It doesn’t have a website, it doesn’t have a trailer, nothing. If you get a chance to go see this, you definately should. If anyone wants more information on the movie, I will post a synopsis in a spoiler box.

Very good movie, that I fear will dissapear. Go see it if you can.

Just got back from seeing it thanks to this thread.

I liked it, but it’s no Office Space. Great subject and some good laughs throughout, but it never felt quite complete to me.

Definitely a satire that needed to be made, though. Maybe there will be a sequel (you stayed until after the credits, right?). Ok, probably not, but I can see it doing okay on video.

Ain’t it cool lists the lucky cities who get a crack at this in theaters.

Damn, not playing in Phoenix. I hope this gets wide release.

The studio, for some reason, is actively trying to kill this movie. Nobody knows why.

We couldn’t make it this weekend, but we plan to see it this Friday. We’re in Houston, where it’s playing at several theaters around town. Hopefully it will run a second week!

Maybe Mike Judge stole Rupert Murdoch’s stapler during the filming of Office Space.

Nah, it went something like this:

Mike Judge [in Butthead voice]: “That Rupert Murdoch guy is a real dumbass. Huh huh, huh huh.
[Beavis voice]Yeah, a total fartknocker. If he was here, I’d kick his ass.”

Tech guy: “Uh, Mr. Judge, your mike is on.”

Mike Judge: “Ooops.”

I saw it tonight, thanks to this thread, and I loved it. Mike Judge can do no wrong. I laughed through the whole movie; it was so good I wished I owned an automatic weapon so I could fire it haphazardly in the air. It did hit a little too close to home sometimes (“Why do you keep saying ‘brought to you by Carl’s Jr?’” “Cause we get paid every time we say it, dumbass. It’s a good way to make money.”) and made me think it should have been set fifty years in the future instead of five hundred. But yeah, I heartily recommend Idiocracy if you live in one of the selected cities. I mean, movey gud. I lyk funi.


Now that this is on video I’m wondering what my fellow dopers thought? I loved it. It’s great satire and visually stunning. I will admit that it didn’t flow that good and the writing could be a little weak but I gave it 5 out of 5 on Netflix. It seems like it’s getting some good reviews too. It is definitely worth a rent.

Shame on FOX for not promoting this movie–though I can guess why they didn’t want to.

I just watched it on DVD. Very good satire and unfairly overlooked last year.

It was not “visually stunning” - it had the look of a college film on a high school budget. It also had some mediocre acting and poor pacing.

Despite this, it was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. I almost never watch movies more than once anymore but I could easily see myself watching this movie several more times. Classic line after classic line.

“Go away, ‘batin’!”

I saw this just two days ago on the recommendation of a friend, and I agree that it had mediocre acting and poor pacing.

Overall I was disappointed. I expected something more clever than this, for some reason. It just didn’t live up to its potential to me. It seemed like it had no budget and it came off as very simplistic.

Well I thought it was, and further more I don’t think there’s a linear relationship between how much money is spent and how visually effective a movie is. This version of the future was visually stunning to me. If you don’t agree that’s just like your opinion man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the matte paintings weren’t realistic, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t visually stunning. There was so much information packed in many of the shots, that I found myself wanting to pause. I think it was very effective in showing where our current advertising trends are going to take us.

I agree. Good looks can happen on little or no budget, but I just don’t think it happened in this particular film. I still liked it a lot.

I also liked the movie quite a bit, but it didn’t strike me as a particularly good movie (i.e. no Office Space). There were many clever moments and it was a good premise for satire, but it wasn’t a home run for me. I liked the matte painting style and the disposable shiny clothes with ads all over them. Mya Rudolph looked really good :slight_smile:

I just watched it from Netflix, mostly because of Luke Wilson.

There were some good laughs in it. I loved the Costco. “Uh, yeah. That’s in electronics. About an hour from here.”

If I had to guess why the studio is trying to kill it it’s because the movie isn’t about a ridiculous future 500 years from now. It’s about a frighteningly large and growing number of us, right now.

Not a great comedy but well worth renting. Uneven but the funny parts are worth it. The hospital scenes were pretty good.

I loved how every time the main character formed a complete sentence someone would make fun of him for “talking all faggy.” That was the attitude where I grew up and it still pisses me off just thinking about it, so I loved to see it being made fun of. The people he’s making fun of won’t get it of course. Sigh.