Idnetify this animal skull

The dogs brought it home.

As reference to what it might be, we live very high in the Colorado Mountains. We have Black Bear and Deer. A rare Moose. It’s way to big to be any of the smaller critters that run about.

No canine teeth. Big ocular cavities. Very flat top of the head. Very long bone in the nose. It’s… odd. The flat head from an injury perhaps?

I’m guessing it’s the skull of a female deer, with a few parts missing.

Compare it to this skull:

Looks kind of sheepish.

I suspect you are right. Never realised that some teeth end so far from the end of the mouth. And the top of the skull is very flat and broad.

We have a lot of White Tail around here. That must be what it is.

Kricket, our one dog brought the scull into the house today
(must have been her). The dogs (two of them) bring us these presents home a few times a year. Into our bedroom no less. We are pretty used to it.

My Wife found it and threw the skull in the kitchen trash. It was a bit of a surprise to me when I opened the trash today to throw away a paper towel.

GAH! Huh wa? Oh.

It’s just not really what you expect.

Damn Dogs. (just kidding, love them we do).

It’s a deer skull. Even-toed hoofed mammals like deer don’t have any upper incisors, but rather a tough pad. That’s why cow skulls and such allways look like the nose is broken off.

Here’s an image of a deer skull with the lower jaw articulated so you can see how it works. That little projecting bone on your skull is the tip of the muzzle.

It’s the wrong shape for a sheep skull, see these images for comparison:

Yep deer skull. Thanks all.

I’m surprised I havn’t run across one in the years I’ve been up here. Plenty of leg bones and stuff, first deer skull that the dogs brought back, and the first one I ever found in the kitchen garbage. We normaly burn that sort of stuff. Best thing to do with it on my Wifes part though, can’t just through it back in the ‘yard’.

We had a young Black Bear in the yard last weekend. He was very handsome and healthy. The girls (dogs) raised a special doggie alarm about him (and stayed in the house).

The bear watched and the dogs barked from in the house.