IE 7: slow as molasses?

So I updated IE, and imported all my bookmarks from Firefox just to give IE another shot, and @#@@# if IE 7 doesn't seem to run slow as @#@#. Is it just my system or has anyone else experienced similar sluggishness surfing about?

I really regret downloading IE7, and I searched in vain for IE6 to replace it with. It crashes constantly and slows my computer (2 different ones, no less) down like nothing else.

I’ve decided to stay away from Vista and IE7 till SP2 is out. I’m not gonna go through what I did with XP, again.

Are you sure you’re in the right forum? I’ll report it for you, just in case. Let TPTB decide.

I’m running IE7, and the only speed problem I notice is the initial loading. If you get in the habit of opening new windows in tabs, it’s faster than IE6. If you open them in new windows, it’s quite a bit slower.

I’m running Vista and IE7, and I’m liking it a lot.

You should be able to uninstall IE7 from Add/Install Programs. It puts IE6 back. I uninstalled it on two different computers already.

I had to redo my web site since IE7 didn’t display CCS correctly, or at least the way I designed the site and which looked fine in IE6.

No sluggishness here. Did you disable phish checking?

I’m not seeing it as being any slower than anything else. Have you checked for spyware?

Are any of you using the Google Toolbar, by any chance? I found that the Google Toolbar slowed IE7 way down. There are new add-ons for IE7 that you can download to replace it, if you want. (I’ve got IESpell, which is an awesome spelling checker that also lets you look up words in the dictionary or on Wikipedia. I never used any of the Google Toolbar’s other fucntions.)

I use Firefox these days except when IE is quicker. I’ve had no problems with IE7 except when I first tried to use it, each time it crashed because of some plug in. It’s been fine ever since I disabled that plug in.

I’ve previously reported the nightmare I had with IE7 eating my anti-virus program, but lack of speed hasn’t been a problem.

As I said before, though, I’ll still be working with IE7 when the rest of y’all are on IE23. This bitch is working now, I’m satisfied, and I ain’t changing again without a damned good reason.

I like IE7 a lot. I’ve installed it on all of my computers, and I havn’t had any problems.

Me neither. And if IE is opening slower than Firefox, that’s pretty serious.