IE: "Back" won't take me back

When I look something up on Google I usually just hit “back” and go look at something else. However, tonight I was stuck. Hitting the “back” button just refreshed the same page. Is there a way around this? Sure stinks to have to start all over. And can I charge somebody with kidnapping for holding me against my will?:wink:

Occasionally I run into sites that hijack the back button. Just click on the drop down arrow next to the back button and you should be able to pick the correct “back” destination you want.

Sites don’t necessarily hijack the back button intentionally. You can end up with something like this:

Page 1: Where you started from (and where you want to get back to)
Page 2: Automatically forwards you to page 3
Page 3: The page you are stuck on

Every time you hit the back button from page 3 it will take you to page 2, which then automatically forwards you to page 3, effectively rendering your back button useless.

You can do what Mr. Blue Sky posted to get yourself back to page 1 in this case.

I’ve never known Google to use a setup like this on their own pages. More likely either IE futzed up or you have a google hijacker on your system. You might want to run adaware or spybot to be sure.

Thanks. I believe it was futzed up, not spyware since I check for that.

Some links take you to a page that then re-directs you to another page. Back will take you to the re-direct, which of course lands you where you are. That is my guess as to what is happening.