IE won't let me view HTML source

Just a few days ago I was looking at source code for different websites. Tonight I discovered that it won’t let me open the source code now. I go to View-Source, and then it just refreshes my current page and says “Done” on the status bar.

HELP! Please.:slight_smile:

Oh, and if I save the document and view source from there, notepad fucks it all up. Instead of having things organized, it crams all the code together on as few lines as possible. Do I have some settings I need to change or something?

Works fine in wordpad however.

Try deleting your Temporary Internet Files.

Can’t help you on the first one. I’ve noticed the same thing, and it has been really bothersome to me because I have had bugs in my HTML that I dearly wanted to fix this way.

I can, however, help you with the second problem. The document does not have <cr><lf> line endings, as PC’s desire. It probably only has <lf> line endings, like Unix machines prefer.

Notepad isn’t smart enough to show you the document nicely anyway. I use Textpad instead. Wordpad sucks because it wants to do all kinds of Word things with your document when all you want is for the funky end-of-line characters to be displayed correctly.

As far as the first problem goes, you could try an alternate browser such as Mozilla Firebird (my new favorite), which doesn’t have that particular bug. Even if you use IE regularly, Firebird is small enough (a few meg) that you can afford to keep it installed for once in a while page source views.

Try going to Tools/Internet Options, then the Programs tab. If Notepad isn’t selected in the HTML Editor box, make it so.

Deleting my cookies worked. Must have been adware.

Actually I believe it is when you run out of storage space, IE can’t make the temp files and so you don’t get to see source. Deleting cookies freed up some space, deleting your temp files will free up much more.