If a frozen dinner is thawed is it okay?

When I brought home a frozen dinner my husband put it in the refrigerator instead of the freezer and I just noticed it. I’m going to cook it now. I bought it Monday.

So it is okay? It says to keep it frozen until time to cook.

It’s probably fine. The cooking time might be off, that’s all – they generally say that to make sure the dinner cooks evenly and in a predictable amount of time.

Monday 2002?

If so there’s a chance it might not be ok to eat.

Oh, thanks. I’ll check for mold first.

I’ll let you know if I die.

I had a problem once when my brownie batter ran into the salisbury steak gravy. If you let them thaw, store flat.

I regularly keep store-bought-frozen pizza/chicken finger/tv dinners in the fridge. I don’t have much freezer space. As long as your fridge is under 40 degrees, most stuff should keep for up to at least a week.

It also cuts down on cooking time. If it says nuke for 6 minutes from frozen, cut that down to about 3:30 minutes or your food’ll burn.

I ate it last night and I’m still alive.

Day ain’t over yet.:smiley: