If a middle class person needs rehab how much does it cost with no insurance?

Just curious. If a self employed middle class person “goes bare” & has no health insurance, but then needs drug or alcohol rehab how much does it cost? Will the state help out, or is all state asst. means tested?

Not sure where you are but my state has a few free in-patient rehab programs, but the waiting list is about three months to get in.

For the most part, if you’ve got a middle-class income, you’re SOL as far as Medicaid is concerned. You’re basically stuck paying the full amount unless you can negotiate a discount with the rehab. Since the abuses in the 1980s and 90s, some insurance plans are reluctant to cover all or even any of the cost, so people with insurance can be in the same boat with someone who doesn’t have it. (I’m looking for a cite about the financial abuses committed by the rehab industry, but my Google-fu isn’t very good. The Cliffs Notes version is that some psychiatric hospitals and drug rehab centers were admitting anyone with a pulse in order to generate revenue for parent for-profit companies, whether the patient needed help or not. Consequently, insurance money virtually dried up, leaving people who actually need help high and dry.)

As to the cost, it varies by center. The flossiest spa-type centers can run well into the high five-figure range, and IIRC, there are a handful that charge into the six figures. (This site gives some information, but isn’t very specific. I also have no idea how current the information is.) Depending on where you live, there may be lower-cost alternatives, but you may not get the latest treatments, such as medications, and you may not be treated for other psychological problems such as depression. You may also have to deal with a rather unsavory clientele.

Keep in mind, too, that unless you need medically-supervised detox, a formal rehab program may not be necessary. Most support groups are free to attend and lots of people do that without ever setting foot inside of a rehab center.



What you’d probably want to do is try to find a psychotherapy center that operates on a sliding scale basis. You probably don’t want to enroll at your friendly neighborhood methodone clinic or the like.

A psychotherapy center provides periodic psychiatic consultation as well as therapy sessions with an MSW or other professional. If you require detoxification, they can probably recommend the most cost-effective alternatives available to you.

While it would still constitute investment of a healthy chunck of your disposable income, depending on how bad you really want help, it is probably a lot cheaper than supporting your habit and dealing with the inevitable consequences.

I have been to a couple including a great private one. I had insurance but the out of pocket rate was something like five hundred dollars a day for detox, rehab, medical evaluations and substance abuse classes. The average stay is about 5 - 7 days. It is worth it.

I can tell you or anyone you know an almost foolproof for getting into such a facility even if they claim they have months of backlog. Get drunk off your ass, show up to their emergency room and then say your are going through alcohol withdrawal. That is a potentially fatal condition and they have to take you or find a facility that will right away. I have done that twice to get into the hospitals that I wanted and many family members have done it as well. It always works because of the laws regarding such emergencies.

I think the one I went through 17 years ago is now about $30,000 for a 28-ish day stay. I wouldn’t go through a shorter one, as they can tend towards the “sober 'em up and head 'em out” school, which isn’t too successful.

It was expensive even back int he early 90’s, but I had no choice- we were talking about my life. It can sure be a tough call for people, though…

AA and other groups are free, of course, but sometimes the extra bit at the beginning can really help.

I went through one 5 or 6 years ago and it was roughly 40,000 for a month. The place is called The Meadows and was supposed to be one of the better ones in the country.

I also tried a week long in-patient in Virginia at one point. It wasn’t very much, like 1200 for a week but it was a get’em sober and get’em out kinda place.


Thankfully I finally got sober.

Which really closed that window of opportunity for working-class guys to become Elizabeth Tayor’s next husband.

Hmmm… I’ve spoken at the Meadows at least once, a long time ago. I never hear much about that place these days.

Most people I come across now go to Pathways.

If whomever it is that needs treatment needs detoxification (i.e. will convulse without alcohol) then a hospital will take them. Then AA could be sufficient provided they desire to quit.