If a motorcycle is ticketed for a parking infraction, where do they put the ticket?

The question came to me yesterday, after I parked my bike in a dubiously legal spot, of where parking maids place tickets on motorcycles? I mean, motorcycles don’t have windshield wipers to secure the ticket in place–is there another common spot used instead?

I used to put them in the space between the seat and the gas tank. The seat usually puts enough pressure on the gas tank to ensure that the ticket won’t blow away.

I got a parking ticket in San Francisco in 2001. It was placed in a pink ziploc bag that had a sticky strip on it. I found it stuck to the driver’s door window when I returned to my pickup. I have seen these used in the Seattle area too. These would work just as good for motorcycles too.

Chicago’s tickets have a sticky strip. I see them stuck to the driver’s side window more often than the windshield.

Most often, between the seat and gas tank, as Khadaji says. Sometimes, it will be tucked under the side of the seat, or under/next to the gas tank, or crammed into the instrument cluster.

Oddly, I never see tickets under the windshield wipers; they’re usually tucked between the hood and the fender.

This is in San Francisco, where, incidentally, I have never seen a ticket in a sticky bag (I’ve been here since 2005).

The tickets I have received have either been by the tank (per Khadaji) or rolled up and inserted in-between the gauges (per Nametag). On a side note, when in college I discovered that if I just removed the license plate when I parked on campus, I no longer received tickets. It appears that parking enforcement generally does not like searching for VINs on motorcycles.

:smiley: I would have let it go once or twice, but if I saw it repeatedly I would have made a point of hunting it down.

I’ve had tickets/notes left between the windscreen and instrument panel on my bike, as well as tucked under the spring-loaded flap covering my gas tank’s lock. Neither was particularly secure.

Chicago and DC (I think) are sticky, so they just put them on the mirror or on the license plate.