If a woman is Gerald Ford-ed to the presidency

(IMHO forum because this is more about opinions, not elections)

Suppose that Mike Pence steps down as VP and is replaced by Nikki Haley. Then, Trump is impeached or resigns and Haley becomes president.

In that scenario, would you consider the glass ceiling to be broken because there is now a woman president, or can the glass ceiling only be considered broken if a woman ascends to the presidency via election by the voters?

There is zero chance of Haley being confirmed. The precedent seems to be to select a person whose political race is run. Like Ford and Rockerfeller. And why people like the elder Bush and Ronald Reagan were not selected.

So the answer is; no it won’t.

Most “glass ceiling” breaks aren’t the result of an election, and an election isn’t the only way to fill the presidency - just the most common one. “First woman to win a presidential election” is obviously a specific milestone that wouldn’t be fulfilled by that scenario, but I don’t think it’s the important one, and I DO think it would be more easily fulfilled after the main one goes

People extrapolating a trend from a single event are often mistaken.

E.g., the election of Obama was touted as a sign that racism is over in America. About that …

So a woman ascending to the Presidency this way doesn’t mean squat. Nothing in the least has been broken. It’s not the 4 minute mile. It’s a decades long marathon.

These sort of things just reinforces the bigots. And, as a side effect with modern media, it actually “normalizes” their bigotry.

I would say that to qualify as breaking the ceiling would require her to have been elected on her own accomplishments.

OTOH, she would have made a huge crack making it easier for another woman to break it. Or herself to break it by being re-elected.

I’ll go this far. If it helps or hurts in the future, I think, would depend on the results of her time in office.

I watched a documentary about the spike in white middle aged guys committing suicide that came out during the Great Recession. One middle aged white guy being interviewed said about it, “A man’s whole identity is tied up in what he does for a living. If I can’t find work, what does that say about me? If my new boss is a woman, what does that say about me?”

Yeah, glass ceiling still intact.

I’ve never understood the glass ceiling to be a binary descriptor.

We had this debate in Australia after Julia Gillard became Prime Minister as a result of internal power games in the ruling Labor party, rather than through direct election. At the time I wasn’t sure if it ‘counted’, but looking back, she sure looks like Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

Way to move the (glass) goalposts.

She would hold the honor of “first woman to be President”, but she would not hold the honor of “first woman elected President”. The question is then which is more significant, and I would say it’s the latter. But even a woman being elected President wouldn’t constitute a break of the glass ceiling, any more than the first woman CEO was a break of the corporate glass ceiling. As long as men are more likely than women to reach the upper echelons, the glass ceiling is still in place.

Other. I wouldn’t think about it in terms of glass ceiling or even really care, one way or the other.

Since when is a VP “confirmed”? Was Pence confirmed when Trump chose him to be his VP? Who is doing this “confirming” of VP’s?

Since the 25th Amendment was adopted in 1967.

Replacements are different than elected VPs.

Congress. By the 25th Amendment both the House and Senate have to confirm replacement VP appointments by majority vote.

If breaking the glass ceiling=complete gender equality, then no. Will she be the first female pres? yes. Would it mean more if she were elected? yes.

Beating a dead horse, but the US popular vote went for a woman in the last election. So I’d say there is already a crack in place.

I’ll admit my own personal bias here. If somehow it’s Haley, my answer is a resounding no. If Pelosi is speaker and rises to the office, I’ll be more inclined to rally behind her.

Since I have never stated any other opinion I fail to see where I would be moving anything.

Doesn’t matter what the names are; the glass ceiling has not been broken until the majority of people genuinely believe, “Man or woman, who cares? Everything else counts for a lot more.”

That’s more the opinion of that man, than the glass ceiling in general.

There are a lot of women who don’t want women bosses either.

An analogous situation was addressed in the book and movie “The Man”, about a black man becoming president in this manner; the book came out in the 1960s and the movie in the early 1970s.