If all these women are lying, why hasn't Cain filed slander lawsuits against them?

Title sums it up.


He’s a public figure.

The women who won settlements have an obvious defense.

The most recent woman who claims an affair also claims to have proof. There is no obvious way of disproving her claims in a he said, she said situation that the courts hate.

In addition to having to prove that the claims were both false and maliciously made, Cain would have to show that he has been materially damaged by the claims. That’s hard for most people to do, and especially hard for Cain. What damage could he claim - that he isn’t going to be the nominee? He had a 0% chance before any of the claims came out. At most, he could at some time in the future try to claim that the lucrative speaking fees and book contracts have dried up, but trying to peg that to these claims rather than his previous and self-inflicted behavior would be impossible.

Here’s one site’s view on such lawsuits.

A lawsuit would be expensive and self-defeating. Not only would it be almost impossible to win, it would focus every minute of every reporter’s attention on the claims rather than on his campaign. That’s why politicians never sue. It’s suicide.

Yeah. That, and he’s probably completely full of shit.


Sure, but the OP’s question is based on the assumption that he’s not.

Yeah, but that’s kind of like trying to prove a negative, isn’t it? “If I was 7 feet tall, why am I not playing for the Los Angeles Lakers?”

So I was thinking about this last night. I loathed W and grudgingly respect Obama. Both got accused by their enemies of every sin under the sun: torture, lying, cronyism, corruption, racism, worshipping Allah, whatever you can think of. Some of the accusations were on-point, others weren’t.

But neither one got plausibly accused of having an affair. (I say “plausibly” because I’m sure there’s some nutcase out there that has made such an accusation, but no accusations, AFAIK, rose to the level of interesting even the tabloid press).

If being a major politician necessarily meant taking actions that opened yourself to false charges of infidelity, I certainly would have expected such accusations to have occurred against our last two presidents. The fact that they didn’t occur suggests to me that politicians that don’t want to face such accusations have a pretty safe path: don’t have affairs.

Ok thanks, great answer.

I guess on retrospect, what I was really wondering is why he doesn’t go on national TV and claim he’s suing them. That would restore a tiny bit of credibility (for some voters anyway), and of course, he never actually goes to court.

I know there was a guy in Chicago who said he’d smoked crack with Obama and then had sex with him. The press indulged him for about a day, but he was an obvious loon.

Same answer. As soon as he says this, the only questions would be about the suit. When will it be filed? Why haven’t you filed it yet? Are you lying about filing? Are you harassing and intimidating them? Why aren’t you putting your money where your mouth is? Suicide. No variation can possibly work.


I have an answer, but it only applies to spherical Cains in a vacuum.

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What do you do if your Cain beads get covered in Santorum? Need answer fast! (Note: I’m asking on behalf of a friend.)

If Cain sued, one of two things would happen:

The suit would get thrown out because Cain could not possibly establish all the points mentioned above. In which case, everyone would say “Aha, he sued and lost. Therefore he IS guilty!”

Or, assume that Cain somehow managed to overcome every legal obstacle and successfully prove he had been slandered. First off, it would come too late – the suit would take months, if not years to wind its way through even the first round of the courts. Secondly, a large number of people would assume he’d bought the jury, or the judge, or whatever it took.

Look at Obama and the birth certificate flap. First off, the birthers had no evidence behind their claim that Obama was born anywhere other than he claimed to be. Then, the birth certificate Obama did show wasn’t good enough; they demanded he come up with the “long form.” Then, when he released that, they claimed it had been Photoshopped.

At least no one has (yet) claimed Cain fathered their illegitimate child or paid for their abortion.

Also, evidence would have to be produced. Cain may not like to have the details of the sexual harassment settlements or his text messages to Ginger White made public.

According to certain … sources … Obama had several gay affairs then murdered the men he was sleeping with. http://www.theconservativeshepherd.com/forum/topic.php?id=9

Also, I’m still waiting to hear the “big news” Trump promised to reveal after he sent his private investigator to Hawaii to investigate Obama’s birth certificate…

There’s a very good reason why he isn’t pursuing libel suits, which Exapno Mapcase laid out nicely. There isn’t a very good explanation for why he isn’t pursuing a breach of contract claim against them for violating the terms of the settlements.

(I know the National Restaurant Association paid the settlement funds, but I assume Cain was a party to the agreements since he was the obvious beneficiary).

I missed when the women who received settlements were talking to the press about the settlements. I heard some stuff in the press a few months ago saying the until the women were released from the non disclosure part we wouldn’t know the details. Have things changed?