If Batman's back was broken why is he still bouncing around?

IIRC this was big deal. How did it get fixed?

Shondra Kinsolving, a meta with the ability to heal with a touch, fixed him.

He was prepared to get better.

Batman is a member of the Heroes HMO plan. Membership in this plan provides immediate care, experimental (yet always successful) treatments, intensive aftercare and ongoing rehabilitation and therapy.

A no-cost additional benefit of the plan is the restoration or complete replacement of one’s uniform, no matter how badly soiled or damaged it may be.

The Heroes HMO does not discriminate. Marvel, DC and indy heroes are equally welcome.

Sadly, the original Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) let her insurance lapse for failure to pay. Now, with a pre-existing condition, no insurance will touch her.

He was repaired?

I think you just won the thread.

We have the technology, we can rebuild him, better, stronger, faster…

And gotten on my enemies list.

mutter I should have thought of it. :smack:

YOU? :smack:


You’re asking about Batman’s back injury? Dude, at around the same time, Superman died! Spine, shmine!


He got better.

Here at Silenus Insurance, we are prepared to touch Barbara Gordon plenty! :smiley:

Dude, she’s a cripple. I don’t think she even has any feeling below the waist.

a) And this is a problem for me how…?

b) Maybe she’s really into giving blowjobs.

c) Good. Now the guy can come first with a clear conscience.

d) Five bucks says she’ll still fake it.

e) Dead below the waist? Sounds a lot like an ex of mine.

f) So I can try anal with no arguments!

… I’m so going to hell for this. :eek:

Nah, Batman, Nightwing and Commisioner Gordon will just take turns beating the shit out of you.

Check out the movie Murderball for some pretty frank discussions about quadrapelegic sex. The movie is about guys, but I imagine that the situations similar for women. The upshot is, there’s more of it than you might think. Many quads retain the ability to have sex, and enjoy it, even with severe spinal injury.

:confused: Batman’s back was broken? You must have misheard. What happened was, he and Robin took a trip to Brokeback Mountain.

Batman has many wonderful gadgets in his toolkit. Back fixers are there.