If bourbon, or similar liquor , did not get you high, wold anyone drink it? Similarly exercise?

If bourbon, or similar liquor , did not get you high, wold anyone drink it? (I.e., Would anyone drink it for the taste or physical feeling on the throat?)

Likewise, if exercise and weight lifting did not improve health or appearance, would anyone exercise or lift weights? (I exclude running because some people would run just for the high it gives.)

I would drink a lot less of it. But I would still drink it.

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Some hard liquor can taste nice although the kind of alcohol people typically use to get drunk is nasty. Liquor can add a nice punch to fruit juice. I’d love to be able to drink zombies without the psychological and physiological effects of alcohol.

I’d exercise and do resistance training even if it did nothing for my health and appearance. Once you get over the hump of working out for a few weeks, it feels good. I’ve found that if I’m anxious or depressed, doing push-ups or chin-ups can help quiet my mind and lift my mood. Shorter, higher intensity exercise can give you a high too, not just running. Exercise is like meditation or fasting, it’s a bitch at first but once you get used to it, there’s a definite psychological payoff.

I join snfaulkner in saying I’d probably drink less of it but would still drink it. I like the taste of bourbon and other booze styles I drink.

The answer may be the same for most people. After all, there is a market for non-alcoholic wine, champagne, and beer, etc., and teetotalers aren’t the only ones buying it.

Agreed here about the exercise. It depends on the exercises done.With strength training/building exercises I think the time between it being a chore to it feeling good is shorter. Maybe it’s because you are curling or lifting massive amounts of weight and feel accomplished or because the results you are looking for are much faster than other exercises like cardio. You get buff, look better and are better at utility (lifting shit). Just my opinion though. My favorite part is the odd sensations, the burning and tightness around muscles. You just feel refreshed and accomplished. Its an addictive rush.

O’Douls and Sharp. FTW.:rolleyes:

I used to drink and the main benefit was for getting a buzz, but the taste made all the difference.

Most of my exercise is from bicycling, and I don’t do it for the exercise. I do it because it’s a lot cheaper than a car. Similarly, there are many who lift weights because it’s their job to load things, or the like.

Exercise feels great when done right… fun group classes, hiking, cycling, sports, the pool, etc. Or if you have the discipline and tolerance for boredom, weights and the gym. I look forward to the classes and pool the most as a great way to just unwind from a day (or get ready for one) while slowly improving dexterity and strength. Day to day, appearance changes aren’t very noticeable, but over the long term they could be.

As for liquor… now, slightly older, I dislike getting drunk but still definitely enjoy the taste of a good IPA or a smokey scotch. Kinda wish I could get them WITHOUT alcohol, actually. Omission / O’Douls nonalcoholic beer taste like crap, but Lapsang souchong tea can be a good substitute for some scotches. Really, they both just taste like liquid campfire…

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I don’t drink hard liquor very often, but I would drink beer. I guess I have never had a “high”. Even when I drank hard liquor, all it ever did was make me sleepy and not a good sleepy since I would wake up in the middle of the night when it wore off, unable to get back to sleep. I do enjoy a glass of egg nog because it tastes good.

No, I wouldn’t drink hard liquor if it didn’t get me high. I’d occasionally drink a beer or some wine, but that would be it if alcohol didn’t get me high.

As for exercise, I’d still do outdoor exercise. I’d still hike, go for walks, mountain bike, swim and things like that. But I wouldn’t exercise beyond that.

For me ------- yes and yes.

I like the taste of rye and would drink non-alcoholic versions. And even before it was part of my daily job, I kept up a certain exercise routine; not for looks or because I thought it would help me live a lot longer but so I could do physical work around the house when it was needed.

I’d drink less of the good tasting affordable liquor and more of the great tasting expensive stuff. But total consumption would still be down.

No opinion on exercise.

I like beer and tomato juice and I have O’douls in the fridge right now for that purpose. I don’t want or need the alcohol.

It’s not to say I don’t like a good stiff drink to knock the edge off a long day but have no interest in the affect of the 2nd drink.

I don’t drink most hard liquors as it is, so no. Especially whisky or bourbon, I can’t even take a whiff of those w/o gagging.

Im not sure tbh. I have been an exercise rat for so long, its difficult to separate the enjoyment I get out of it from the results I get from this activity that I enjoy. So basically it’s an unanswerable question. I can guess tho, and my guess is it would have a very significant novelty appeal. But if you do challenging things and never really experience much payoff from that work, it stops becoming enjoyable and can become perceived as utter waste of time and almost sadist (minus the pleasure). I don’t understand what sort of pleasure one would get out of doing a difficult strenuous, sometimes injurious activity and get any pleasure with zero benefits coming from this benefit-void activity.

ETA: I liken it, perhaps mistakenly, to the question of if paper currency had monetary value, would you be happy with having a thousand 100 bills?

well thered be no point to vodka …

I quit drinking years ago, I did like the taste but I doubt I would drink if it offered no high. Now that I have quit, if the taste were the same it might have a positive psychological affect on me if I were in a social setting.

Well I guess you technically got the answer to your question, since you asked “Would *anyone *…?” But to answer for me personally, nope and nope. I don’t like the taste of alcohol, and if there was no point to alcohol other than drinking it for how it tasted I’d never drink it. Likewise for exercise, if exercise did not leave me with any feeling of accomplishment (which I’m guessing is the spirit of what you’re asking in the OP), then I would not do it.

So what you’re saying is that people would drink buzzless alcohol if there were some form of economic payback.