If Bush had authorized the Libya no-fly ops, you liberals would have been screaming in protest...

Good job. :slight_smile:

Posters in this thread have already debunked the silly thesis of OP. Let’s also note that some Republican Congressmen, including the prestigious Richard G. Lugar, are vocally opposing Obama’s actions in Libya despite the unanimous Senate resolution of March 1.

Did these Republicans also oppose The Great Crusade to Bring Freedom and Starbucks Coffee to Iraq? Lugar is considered a “maverick” but he is not the single Republican Senator who voted against the Trillion-Dollar Blunder.

Hoist on your own petard there, Cosmic Relief. :smiley:

Pretty much anything the US did would cause screams somewhere.

America stepping in, screaming, America staying out, screaming.

Haven’t you noticed that trend yet?

And the same goes for Obama personally [as president], if he does action A, people scream, if he does action B, people scream. Nature of American politics.

[Just as a wild toss here, Obama took over a country with the finances fucked by the previous decade of political bullshit, people scream about how he screwed the economy. I don’t see how he is responsible for Madoff, it wasn’t him in office when Madoff fucked the country over. No matter what Obama did, other than personally cut a check paying off every mortgage in the country and giving every little girl a pony people would scream about his presidencey.]

Are you sure that’s how it played? The way the story is told over here is that Sarkozy got Cameron to help him get the UNSC vote and to get US help or at least its cover. Not Obama using proxy Euro leaders to do what he had decided in the first place, and on his own.
From European newspapers, Obama followed here (you can say that he followed stupidly or smartly) but he sure didnt lead. You got a different version in the US?

It appears that even these beautiful phrases were not enough to make the tone of your OP clear to most dopers. Better luck next time. I smiled FWIW.

Yes, but on whose side?

I think you spelled that wrong.

The news here is making this look like a US-led operation.

Personally, I believe your version. Obama is a rather indecisive leader. Hell, he hasn’t even set his budget priorities yet, and even Democrats are getting pissed off about it.

Damn unfunded wars!

Why you guys worship this knucklehead is beyond me…


Who’s worshipping? I don’t HATE Obama, but I don’t think he’s been half as effective as he seemed to promise to be in 2008. Part of that is the rabid, insane, constant opposition from the right, but part of it is that he’s just not a liberal. Period. He talked like one during the campaign, but he’s governed as a center-rightist.

The “worship/messiah” meme is mostly a right-wing canard. You may be able to find a blogger or columnist or two on the left who feel that way, but it’s not widespread. If anything, Obama has been kind of disappointing to the left.*
*And yes, if I had to do it again, all circumstances being the same, I would, because as disappointing as Obama is, McCain/Palin is just terrifying.

Lotsa daylight between acknowledging that he’s better than a Pubbie could be and “worshipping”…

The confusion probably arises from our response that McCain/Palin weren’t elected. You know, stuff like “Thank God!”, “Praise the Lord!”, “Hallelujah”, stuff like that.

Who worships Obama? What alternate universe do you inhabit, Fox News World?

My guess is Mr Smashy, like the OP, was being sarcastic and nobody got it.

Sarcastic yes; probably also gently poking us liberals with a convenient pointy stick. Seems to have got the reaction I presume Smashy was wanting.

Am I missing something here (I seem to be saying that a lot lately…I think old age is finally making me senile)? I though Cosmic Relief was a ‘liberal’, and it seems to me the OP is a whoosh aimed at knee jerking right wing anti-Obama types. Everyone else in this thread seems to think otherwise though, so is it just me??


Did you miss kaylasdad99, Nancarrow and Revtim’s posts?
(It’s not just you.)

They were all too subtle for me (IOW, yeah…I missed them or I didn’t really see what they were saying there).

Glad it wasn’t just me. :slight_smile:


Bah. I can’t keep up with everyone’s political leanings and try to discern what threads are or aren’t satire/parody.

So just cuz I’m feeling grumpy today and this *is *the Pit: Why don’t all of you, regardless of political affiliation or lack thereof, grab something nearby and shove it up your arses.