If Cecil had named you ...

Let’s say we were only allowed to join as numbers until Cecil himself named us. What do you think you name would be?

I think he’d consider me vaguely cool but with a background of doofiness which he would capture with the name


Ah, I’m not too sure what he would name me, but on a whim I’d guess Archibald Algonquin McGillicuddy.

As long as he didn’t name me Atomic Racing Badger, I’d be happy.

I’d like to say it would be something flattering and interesting, but it would probably be That Cretinous Dolt or something along those lines.


As long as my name wasn’t something lame like ** Fern For-** . . . uhm, never mind.

Cecil Adams Jr

One can only wish…

Probably Odinoneeye. Cecil and I think a lot alike.

Kent Happenhere


I would, of course, be named:


Even ass-ended masters get them wrong from time to time.

shakes fist You’re just lucky I lost my list.

Well the Cecil thing was just a hook. A reason to put forward usernames with a mild relation to your posting style.

What the Hell is your malfunction?

That One Guy.

Or maybe Delirium Tremendous.