If Cherry pickers are boomlifts...

why does the exercise of the same name involve touching the ground?

I drive cherry pickers and I’ve seen cherry picking in hockey (waiting near the opposing zone for some one to pass you the puck rather than contributing on the back check) but I’ve never heard of an exercise called that. How do you perform it?

Don’t boomlifts touch the ground? I have never seen on floating in the air.

"If Cherry pickers are boomlifts… " . . . . . sounds like the setup for a dirty joke or riddle.

“If Cherry pickers are boomlifts… then what are cherry poppers?”

Wikipedia says:

“Cherry pickers were originally designed for use in orchards (though not just cherry orchards) where they are still heavily used.[3] It lets the picker pick fruit high in a tree with relative ease.”

The exercise is described here: