If D-Day had been postponed in June and again in July, what was the plan?

I watched the TV movie about Eisenhower starring Tom Sellick. They needed a full moon, calm weather and low tide. Moon and tide coincided once per month and weather was of course unpredictable. Severe storms had moved in on June 5 but they got a brief break in the weather landed on June 6.

In the movie they are discussing that if they dont go in June, the next window is July and if July is missed there may not be enough time to gain a foothold before winter. (I guess assuming an August invasion). Also the longer they had this huge army waiting around the more of a chance of the Germans figuring out their plans.

If there had been no break in the weather on June 6, and lets say its horrible weather again in July, what were the plans? Wait till 1945? A last ditch launch in August under bad conditions? It was also a morale issue with hundreds of thousands of soldiers confined to barracks waiting to go. They couldn’t have stretched that out another year. What was Plan B?

Nuke Germany.

No really, the atom bomb was developed specifically to be used against Germany. But since V-E day occurred before Fat Man & Little Boy were ready, we ended up dropping 'em on Japan instead.

Yes, had the European war dragged into summer of '45 Germany would have been the first country targeted by the atom bomb. But Eisenhower didn’t know about that in summer 1944. I’m asking what was plan B was for the giant army they had assembled in the event they were still stuck in England moving towards autumn 1944?