If Dale Gribble (KOTH) were an RPG character, what class would he be? (NT)

I haven’t played it, but he seems to naturally fall into the role of an Exterminator or Gun Nut Wacko from Systems Failure (in which the Y2k bug brought the world to its knees and attracted a race of bug-aliens).

I’m thinking more along the lines of a traditional fantasy RPG. Thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile:

Well, if you want to get all mainstream about it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see. He’s cowardly, fairly intelligent with an encyclopedic knowlege about limited topics, prone to tell stories, and fairly useless everywhere else. The only thing I can see him as would be a Bard, if you threw in a “turn vermin” spell.

Commonner, or at best, Expert. Low level. A few ranks of Knowledge (Utter Bull).

PC Class…Fighter, possibly. Too incompetant to be a Rogue, too senseless to be a Cleric, too brusque to be a Bard, too stupid to be a Wizard, too destructive to the natural world to be a Druid.

Dale as a Fighter is beyond laughable. The guy benchpresses a whole 30 pounds and would probably be short of breath due to his chain smoking.

Any other PC class is even more laughable. Put a gun in his hand and he can at least keep from killing someone. Trying to be subtle or diplomatic, or casting a spell would be a spectacular failure. And Paladin or Monk is so counter to his personality even considering it makes my head hurt.

Actually, he might be suitible as an archer-type Ranger. That still requires a better sense of the world around him and more of a respect for nature than Dale exibits, though. A Barbarian, perhaps. Can’t think of any real objection to that, other than he’d end up dead after his first Rage.

Chaotic good or chaotic neutral? Chaotic something, and he’s not really evil.

Neutral. He’s anything BUT Good.

Brahe, being a bard myself, my first instinct was to get offended by your choice for Dale. Then I thought about it… yer probably right, actually! Useless knowlege, almost all of it based on rumor and speculation, and most of it completely wrong. Thinks he can kick butt, but can’t, really. A smattering of ‘skills’ but not particularly good at any of them. That’s a bard, awright.

Alternately, how about an assassin? Granted, not a particularly GOOD one, but he does specialize in killing with poison.

Hmm… then again, possibly a monk. He does at least think that he could kill a man with his bare hands. And there’s that whole “Ya-sha-sha-shaaaa!” thing he does, that’s kinda monklike isn’t it?