If Dinosaurs roamed the earth today...

Ok off the cuff, there is a place near where I live called Dinosaur Crossing where they have exact scale models of a variety of different dinosaurs set in an environment where people can walk among them.

I just got back from the park with my 5 year old nephew, and I was thinking: What if dinosaurs roamed the earth now in 2005? What would some of the inherent problems be? What could people seriously do about protecting themselves? Could the dinos be domesticated in some way? Would more people own high powered guns?

I know I’m bored right now, but the thought of watching a pod of brontosaurus eat the tops of trees fascinates that inner child in me for sure!

I’m pretty sure that unleashed pets would no longer be a problem.

All I know is that I would want a pet ankylosaurus.

Farmers would hate them.

I imagine some of the smarter, relatively nonviolent species would have been domesticated like elephants have to do heavy grunt work.

Every once in a while they’d stop, look at the camera and say, “Ehh, it’s a livin’.”

They would be hunted to extinction because of Chinese Herbal Medicine. If tiger penis powder is supposed to be an aphrodisiac, just imagine what tyranosaurus rex penis powder would bring on the black market.

The phrase, “Why would any hunter need an assault rifle?” could not be used in gun debates.

The running of the Triceratops in Pamplona would have record number of deaths this year

Oh, yeah, they’d be involved in corporate malfeasance.

If T Rex and such were still roaming around, I doubt we’d’ve devloped culturally the way we did. I mean, imagine the small tribes that started us off - it’d be like a buffet to a Rex. We might have had to remain in nomadic tribes to keep out of the way of the large predators.

I mean, try fighting off a Rex with a spear. I can’t imagine that ancient people would be able to build fortifications stong enough to keep out a Rex quickly enough that the settled tribe wouldn’t be raided as a snack bar.

But it’s all just speculation.

If dinosaurs roamed the Earth today…

Jeff Goldbloom would still be obnoxious. Why didn’t he get chomped by the T-Rex :wink:

(Sorry, I don’t know why that popped in my head.)

If dinosaurs had never gone extinct, mammals would never have had a chance to take over the world like they have. Mammals and dinosaurs appeared at about the same time at the beginning of the Triassic period, but mammals never grew above the size of a possum until the dinosaurs were extinct. To me this says they couldn’t compete. And right after the dinosaurs left, it was the “Age of Giant Birds” for a few million years. Only after that did the mammals take over.

Imagine the cool boots…

Belts and wallets also. Caps as well.

I’d enjoy taking my protoceratops for a walk every morning.

It wouldn’t be pleasant. Two words: apatosaurus farts.

Forget the assault weapon, they’re less powerful than most hunting rifles.

Most hunting rifles would not make a dent in a 3-10 ton animal.

What would have happend, IF, dinosaurs and people actually managed to evole together?

Today, humans would be able to run REALLY, REALLY fast.

I often think about this when I’m walking the trails near my house. No kidding!

I imagine I’m walking along when suddenly a T-Rex breaks through the tree canopy and leers at me menacingly. What a hassle that would be - having to worry about super-predators every time you went for a walk.

But…dinosaurs do roam the earth. It’s just that they’ve got feathers and we call them birds.

All that aside, though, if non-avian dinosaurs were around today…I’d be one happy puppy.

Man… for such a fab concept and execution it’s got a pathetic website. Hardly a dinosaur pic on it.

Phasers would not have a stun setting, Just In Case.

You’d see a bunch of tree-hugging hippie types wearing shirts saying “Save the Pleisiosaurus”

It would give a new meaning to the phrase “Curb your pet” :smiley: