If drugs are legalized in the US, what would the packaging say? (Game)

Pot: It is probably bad for you but it sure is fun.

Next up Amphetimines. No reason to stop the fun, duplicates are accepted.

I would imagine that the Surgeon General would place a warning on packs of pot similar to the one on ciggarette packs.

“Warning: She is not that good looking in real life”

“Warning: Twinkies do not constitute a well rounded meal”

“Warning: Everyone knows you are stoned. Gallagher was NEVER that funny sober.”

LSD-Warning: Product may cause distortions in visual perception, do not operHindu Merkava Viet-Nam Indigo Cerulian BlueLennon is god.ONNO

“Warning: Nah, fuck it. You’re not that stupid.”

Medico Brand Calcium Fortified Marijuana Joints

Optimized for menopausal seniors!
Now fights glaucoma and osteoporosis!

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/4 joint
Calories 0

Total Fat 0%
Cholest. 0%
Sodium 0%
Total Carb. 0%
Protein 0%

Vintamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 100%
Iron 0%
THC 100%

“Warning: contents cause mental instability, hallucinations, loss of use of mental facilities, loss of control, fear, fearlessness, imbalance of neuron receptors, and possibly death.”

An oldie but a goodie …
From your old pal Ashley Roachclip of The Jefferson Hashpipe …
"No stems no seeds that you don’t need.
Acupolco Gold is …

Bad-ass weeeeeed."

Indicated for the prevention of hysterical paranoia and of comically monstrous judicial heavyhandedness.

While in graduate school I participated in a economic development seminar that focused on the multiplier effect in local government economies.

Phillip Morris is one of the biggest employers in the Richmond area, and the class toured their largest cigarette manufacturing plant here in town. After the tour we had an interview with the plant manager. I asked him if Phillip Morris was prepared in the eventuality that marijuana was legalized. He said, “Of course. We already have the packaging and the initial advertising campaigns story-boarded.”

No, he wouldn’t share anymore information.

I don’t doubt it. I don’t doubt it even for a moment. :eek:

("‘Welcome Klingons’?")

:confused: Well I was hoping it would go along the lines of Drug XXX suggest Drug YYY. Let’s try this again.

Extasy: Surgeon General’s warning, taking extasy causes brain damage and heart failure to those who are too stupid to not drink water when dancing all night long.

Next up, Cocaine.

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Well, THC is a chemical name and can’t be trademarked, so the pharm. companies will have to produce and market it as something else.

How 'bout:


I’m thinking a company that produces all of the major processed drugs (cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstacy, ketamine, LSD, 2-cb, etc.). They would all have similar packaging, I imagine something with fractal patterns, so you could establish some brand recognition.

You would need a good logo that would go on every hit of the pill-form drugs and on all of the packages. Run commercials on the radio and TV licensing the song “Set U Free” by Planet Soul.

The words go something like “I can fill you up, I can make you my friend, it will never end, I can be your dream, I can make you scream.”

That’s so perfect. It would work! It totally works for the image I would sell designer drugs with: What do you want to feel today? We got it all.


Drugs, shmugs! Could you imagine the mainstream marketing for paraphernalia?

Now at Target–Our new Headshop department, featuring designs by Michael Graves, Phillipe Starck, and Todd Oldham!

“Ooh! This bong matches my throw rug!”