If Electoral College is tied?

What’s the status with state delegations in the US House if the Electoral votes equal 369? (This would happen if Obama gets all of the states Kerry wins plus IA, NM and NV, but no more. Not likely, but…just asking.)

Reaching back all the way to the mists of Senior year in high school, I seem to recall that the House of Representatives elects the president in the case of a tie in the EC.

Yes, I know that. Sorry for not being clearer. Each Representative votes in their delegation and the states are assigned to the candidates, thus the total of Dem-majority and Rep-majority state delegations settles it. My question: what’s the status of this?

Electoral-vote.com did a break down of this a while ago, the dems will probably control more state delegations (it’s the incoming Congress that votes, so there’s no way to know for sure), and presumably Obama would be the new President.

Scroll down on here for the full analysis

Same question from nine days ago.