If Every Politician That Told A Bold Faced Lie..

If Every Politician That Told A Bold Faced Lie dropped dead the week before the November election…

Who would be left to vote for/against ? ? ?

And in the case of grand deception ? ? ?

…if every person who told a bold-faced lie, who would be left to vote?

Almost everybody has told some boldfaced (I still prefer the term “barefaced”) lies in their life, and politicians do probably tell more than most. However, I don’t think that means that we’re not allowed to condemn politicians for lying; “everybody else does it” is not an adequate ethical defense. Among other things, I think it matters what the barefaced lie is about, how deceptive it is, and how serious the issues at stake are.

(If you were actually attempting to debate a different aspect of the question (e.g., whether there are some politicians who never lie and if so, how many of them there are), feel free to ignore the above. I couldn’t really tell from your OP what the debate was.)

And I always thought it was “bald-faced.” I’m not 100% sure if that makes sense, but that’s what I thought.

I think of a “boldfaced” lie as something like: I am really Bill Gates in disguise, and I plan to buy the SDMB and turn it into a Windows tech forum.

As for the topic at hand, well, if John McCain can go from “crooked senator in the pocket of S&Ls” to “straight-talker beloved of conservatives and liberals alike” in two decades, who’s going to remember even the big lies in a few years, unless they still directly impact the body politic?


The google concesus heavily favors “Bald faced lie”:
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In a related vein, how about if we had a federal law making it a felony for any politician to knowingly make a false or misleading statement to the public? Would that help matters any?