If EVERYTHING kills so much, how can population keep growing?

I have noticed that everytime I read something about a disease or drugs or animal attacks - it is always the leading cause of death yada yada yada. My question is how can the population continue to grow when thousans of people die each day of every disease, drug, and killing thing known to man?

Sex conquers all.


Simple, more people are born everyday than die.

When something is “the leading cause of death”, all that means is that it kills more people than other methods of. If only three people died a year, and two were killed by errant paperclips, then errant-paperclip-impalement would be the leading cause of death.

The nice thing about being a live is that you only die once, but can create a whole lot of other people before hand.

Procreation > Death = Population Growth

Pretty straight forward.

Furthermore, life expectancy tends to increase over time, meaning that a person of any given age has a lower chance of dying now, relative to, oh, 50 years ago, in most parts of the world.

There is always a relevant Onion cite, isn’t there?

More people are having sex than doing drugs, going to the zoo to get killed, or dying. I agree: sex conquers all. :wink: