If Green Bay Packers stock worked like Wall Street stocks, how would it affect the team?

(Disclaimer: Not a Packers fan)
The Packers allow many thousands of fans to own stock in them (only NFL team to do so,) but their stock does not increase or decrease in value, nor does it pay dividends. But suppose that it did - that you could track “GBP” on the Wall Street indexes every day, and that that stock rose every time the Packers neared or won a championship, and plummeted every time they did badly, and also that they had to pay out dividends, how would it affect the team’s operations?

Disclaimer: Packer shareholder here. :slight_smile:

Also, compared to a “normal” stock, currently, a Packers shareholder is effectively unable to sell their shares of stock. As I understand it, one can will one’s share(s) to a family member, but if one wants to sell off one’s shares, the Packers have the right to repurchase those shares first (and would undoubtedly exercise that right). This prevents any one person or organization from accumulating a significant ownership share in the team.

And, that leads to the big issue that would come up if Packer shares were freely traded: if someone could buy up enough shares to become a majority shareholder, it could (and probably would) lead to the team being moved out of Green Bay.

Also: the Packers’ current rules on their shares prohibit one person from owning more than 200,000 shares (there are a bit more than 5 million shares currently in existence).

Details here:

The biggest change is it would no longer be non-profit, so it would be more like all the other teams in the NHL.

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It would effect the team by making it way more valuable. There’s be a bunch of billionaires who haven’t previously been allowed in the NFL boys club and they would absolutely put a run on the stock and buy up a controlling stake. It would immediately become the highest value franchise.

It would also probably be destroyed in the long run. It’d get moved out of Green Bay at the first opportunity for a bigger market. Investors would insist on a lot of short-term revenue-positive moves to drive up the stock price which would likely harm the long term success on the field. They would probably stop investing in new infrastructure like training facilities and scouts. The players would be flying commercial again. Sponsorships would go absolutely wild. They’d probably sue the NFL to sever a bunch of the restrictions placed on owners for the good of the league and competitive balance. Players would become even more fungible than they already are, but you could see a scenarios where players end up with some type of revenue sharing program in place of fixed salaries.

It would be pretty messed up I suspect. The NFL cartel of today is really fucked up, but a publicly held NFL would probably be a lot worse.