If Health Insurance Bill Passes, Could Unemployment Decrease?

This might sound like an odd correlation, but two cases in point:

My older brother is getting a retirement package from one of the companies he works for, and is getting partial retirement from the government, but is three years shy of being eligible for Medicare. Thus he is working for a bank SOLELY for the insurance benefits and not so much for the money. If he had another way to get affordable health insurance, he would quit his job tomorrow, and someone else would get his job.

I know a woman in her late 40’s and although her husband earns a nice salary and enough for them to live comfortably, there is no insurance at his job. Thus she has taken a job that doesn’t pay all that great, but does offer insurance for her and her husband. Again, if they had another option for affordable insurance, she too would quit her job tomorrow - also meaning a new position for someone looking for work.

I was just wondering if there have been any statistics regarding situations like these. Would there be a sizable number of people quitting jobs if they had insurance otherwise? Would this affect unemployment by opening up new job opportunities when people who are only working for insurance benefits would quit?