If her daddy's rich, take her out for a meal

If her daddy’s poor, just do what you feel


Under appreciated songs of the 70s, y’all.

I nominate Mungo Jerry and In the Summertime. One hit wonder? They had a little bit of success with their bluesy/folksy sound, but yeah, that one song seems to overshadow anything else they did. Still, the band is worth checking out, some good sounding stuff. And there’s something about that 1 hit, ya know?

Chhh ch-ch, uh

Chhh ch-ch, uh

Ray Dorset looked like someone form the Planet of the Apes, didn’t he? Or maybe a werewolf.
What are your nominations for under appreciated songs of the 70s? Any genre.

The other side of that record is one of the most underappreciated songs, ever! If you have the original single of “In The Summertime”, turn it over and play “Mighty Man.” This is a great song! If you have the 1975 reissue single, turn it over and check out “She Rowed.” Ray was fond of putting out really good songs on B-sides, which were unavailable on albums. We’ve had to wait for the myriad MJ CDs to collect all of his rarities. Few, if any, disappoint.

Mungo Jerry was not specifically a jug band. I recently got two compilations of theirs on CD, and these guys could rock! Several of the tunes I heard stand out, and rank with the best tracks by anyone of the period.

“Baby Jump” in another Mungo classic which was huge in the UK- they actually had about half dozen hits there.

I lucked out and got a compilation CD of theirs (mungo) a few years ago, and yeah, I’m surprised that they only had the one hit over here. I wonder why that was?

Another band that I really enjoyed their their US hits was The Clash. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. I picked up a couple of double CDs that someone published of their old stuff, and now know why only those few songs of theirs made it big here. The biggest part of their stuff just wasn’t all that great, some of it even sucked big ones. They’re not really under appreciated, as much as I doubt a lot of average rockers over here know anything of theors outside of the Classic Rock Radio playlist, Train In Vain, Rockin the Casbah, etc…

What about Gilbert O’Sulivan? Alone Again (Naturally) Did he have a longer career over there (I hope)?

I thought it was “If your daddy’s rich…” Your way is kind of mean.

Gilbert O’Sullivan had six records in the US Hot 100. Following “Alone Again” were:

Clair - #2 (2 weeks) 10-72
Out Of The Question - #17 03-73
Get Down - #7 06-73
Ooh Baby - #25 10-73
Happiness Is Me And You - #62 03-74

And then, one presumes, he went back to being just Ray. I’ve never heard the last single on his list.

I don’t have any books on the UK charts. It’s possible that he had some more hits in England. Hopefully, someone from Over 'Ome will be reading this.

For underappreciated, I nominate Emitt Rhodes. If you like pop music and you’ve never heard anything by Emitt Rhodes, it’s not surprising. But you should make an effort to check his albums out. They are masterpieces at their best, and still polished and craftsmanlike even when they weren’t brilliant. He played most or all of the instruments, and sang all the voices on his albums. Prior to his abbreviated solo career in the '70s, he was with a group called “The Merry Go Round.” Those albums are worth finding, too, if just to hear Emitt before he got his groove on. It’s like, he was finding his style, but he had other people in the way who didn’t totally share his vision. It would take a few years, but he would make music the way it sounded in his head. We would all be better off for it.

What if her mama’s good looking?

Then hush little baby, don’t you cry. It’s summertime! And the livin is easy.

Hocus Pocus - Focus

Gilbert O’Sullivan had 7 top 10’s and 8 other charting hits in the UK hits through 1990, only two after 1975.