If I am a caucasian female, do I have a chance at becoming a sushi master?

I absolutely love sushi, and I love to cook. I have made several types sushi at home, and I think I’m pretty good at it. I am a causasian female. What are my chances at actually becoming a sushi master and working at or owning my own sushi bar? Do sushi masters have to be Asian? I know they don’t all have to be Japanese, my favorite sushi bar has a Korean sushi master. Do they have to be men? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve read that women are not generally allowed to become sushi chefs in Japan, and if they are, they work in the back room, not at the sushi bar. Something about higher and/or changing basal temperatures due to women’s menstrual cycles, and it’s effect on the fish.

I’m sure it’s a crock, but maybe they needed something to back up the tradition, so they made up some junk science… just a WAG.

There is a very popular, very authentic sushi bar here in San Diego that has a female sushi chef who works the bar. She is Asian, but I don’t know where she is from. I’ve also seen Caucasian men behind various sushi bars.

There is a very good sushi bar in Arlington, Va., that has both male and female sushi masters. I think they’re all Japanese, although they might be Korean.

Here’s a sushi chef school, try calling and ask if they accept women.