If I buy the dish, does the salesman come with it?

A cute kid wants to sell me a satellite dish, should I let him? Free professional installation, free equipment (technically, I buy it but my first month’s service is free), 12 month contract, then month to month, 130 channels, including local, all digital, plus a free DVR. The monthly cost is about $14 dollars less than I currently pay for my cable, but I get a discount on my cable modem because I have both with the same company, so I’d save roughly $10 a month. And Comcast would only be getting half of my business, which is a point in favor of a dish.

However, I’ve never had much trouble with Comcast cable TV–I turn on the TV and the channels are all there, they have rarely gone out on me even in the worst weather. As long as I don’t have to deal the their customer service people, I’m satisfied.

So is a dish reliable? Do they really need constant adjustments or get knocked out by bad weather? If my TV goes out in the middle of a football game, I’d want someone’s head on a platter, and blood stains are so difficult to get out, so I want to avoid that happening. Tell me about your experiences, give me links to site that compare and contrast, or just tell me what to do.


I have satellite TV, and I haven’t had any complaints. Then again, I live in San Diego, so whether’s not really an issue. We haven’t had to adjust it at all, though, and we’ve had it for several months, since we moved into the apartment we currently live in.

I suggest giving your salesman a generous tip, too. :wink:

Gr8Kat and Master Control have a satellite and in the three months I’ve been here, it’s not gone out on them once so I assume the weather in this area isn’t enough to knock them out as it is in some others.

I had satellite television for about a year, through Dish Network. It went out whenever we had any sort of storm, no exceptions, and sometimes even when it was just raining heavily. That was very annoying. I’ve no complaints otherwise.

Perhaps you could strike a deal where the cute kid stops by from time to time to make sure that everything is in proper working order…

I live in two houses, and I have cable at one and a dish at the other. The dish is more reliable, and we get more channels on it. But then, we don’t have much weather to speak of here either. I have no idea how snow would affect a dish.

I have DirecTV, and while I was happy with the installation and am happy with the service, it does go out when we have bad weather, mainly bad thunderstorms or really hard rain. I’ve had it go out in the middle of a pay-per-view movie for a half hour.

So if you live in an area where you get a lot of thuderstorms, you’ll want to think about that. We don’t have a choice since we live in the sticks and don’t have cable. My husband also loves the fact that he can buy the NFL package and get ALL the games in the comfort of his own home (and of course by the time the football season starts, thunderstorms are much less likely to happen).

I have DirecTV and I live in one of the worst areas of the country for thunderstorms (west central Florida). Even so, I only lose the signal during very heavy rains or when very big, tall storm clouds get between me and the satellite. It only usually lasts for a half hour or so at most. I really don’t mind as I’m not too much of a TV addict anyway and with my DirecTV + TiVo I can usually just tell it to grab the show at another date/time if my first recording gets screwed up by weather.

My favorite thing about DirecTV vs. cable is that all the channels are digital. The cable system here (Bright House Networks, formerly AOL Time Warner) has really crappy picture quality on the analog channels (most of the basic cable/local stuff). With DirecTV it’s all digital all the time, even on the local channels, and with my 56" TV I can really see the difference.

I still have Bright House for my cable modem service.

You might want to check on this.

I was under the impression that Comcast charges a lot more for cable internet if you don’t use their cable TV service. You might end up paying out more than you are right now.

Another happy DirecTV customer. Been a customer for over 6 years. My dish has only totally gone out when covered in snow… a little minor interruption during heavy heavy rains. Little storms don;t bug it much (and we get lots of those here).

The prices are cheaper than cable and I like the channels (some channels that aren’t offered on digital cable around here). Plus I have the football package as well.