If I drilled holes in the bottom of my trash can would the solve the air bubble problem?

You know how when you put a new bag in the trash can and a big air bubble gets trapped under the bag? It’s so annoying because the first item you throw in the bag is going to cause it to fall off.

I was thinking about drilling holes on the side of my can to allow the air to escape. So what say you hand Dopers? Think it will work?

Yes it will and it does. I have a stainless can where you step on the pedal and the lid lifts. There is then a plastic insert inside and you put the bag in this. I was having trouble getting it all the way in, but the bigger problem was getting it out when the bag was full. I drilled about 4 small holes in the bottom and the problem was solved.

Sometimes life doesn’t suck.

I don’t know if this applies to the trash can you’re asking about, but could it create a bug problem with the bugs going into the trash can from the sides?

I drilled mine just under the lip at the top of the can. Drilling at the bottom seemed like a bad idea in case the bag springs a leak and something messy winds up on the floor.

Shake the bag fully open.

Now squeeze all the air back out.

Drop the resulting “tube” into the trash can.

Stretch the top around the can lip.

You should now have a bubble-free lining that will let you drop a tissue right to the bottom.

drill hole in lower can. install Schrader valve.

when bag is full then seal tight.

using air compressor fill can.

catch full bag of trash on its way out.

I’ve got a rectangular kitchen trash can.

  1. Put the bag in normally, with the bag inside, and the rim of the bag over the rim of the can, holding it in place. (At this point, you’ve very much got the air bubble underneath the bag.)

  2. Pull the bag off one corner of the can. (Gives room for air to escape.)

  3. Reach your hand all the way down to the bottom of the can. (Forces the air out.)

  4. Put the bag back over the corner. (Not enough bubble left to matter.)

Takes an extra 15 seconds or so, each time I put a new bag in. No drilling necessary.

Drilling holes also helps when you have to remove the full bag too.

Sometimes I must use the empty trash can to store water,or for a leak under the sink…holes in the bottom won’t do. I just put the can in,rattle my hand around with a corner of the bag off the rim

Sometimes can lids or other hard objects can penetrate a bag and it would be a huge mess, plus it would allow fruit flies and other bugs inside the can attracted by the bag contents and you would have piles of dead (or live) insects at the bottom of the can. I would not do this myself. Just take few seconds (literally) and push the bag open down inside the can.


A few small holes wouldn’t hurt. But I wouldn’t make the holes big enough for mice to get through.

install a one way valve on the bottom of the trash can which you can then connect to a vacuum to pull all the air out.