If I had to swear instead of affirm...

I recently re-enlisted. I advised the career counselor that I was going to affirm rather than swear. She asked me if I knew the difference. (To me, that should be none of her business.) I told her I am an atheist and will not swear. She said that is no problem, I could still swear to God. WTF!!!
So, my commander, also an atheist, was unused to leaving off the last line, and he said, “So help you God”

He knew he blew it, but no one else did. He spoke the last line softly. I said, “so help me Minnie Mouse” just as softly.

Do I have to re-enlist again?

You could have slipped in an “Og” instead of ‘God’, and gotten points for getting a Dope shout-out! :smack:

Who’s your career counselor, Slug Signorino?

Couldn’t do it. The Commander had a 1920’s style Death Ray :stuck_out_tongue:

SSG Schwartz

One doesn’t have to be an atheist to affirm, either. I believe the Society of Friends(Quakers) will not swear oaths by the name of God. See James 5:12.

Me, I have no problem with doing it either way.

Does swearing in and of itself–not swearing to God, not swearing so help you God, not swearing on a Bible–imply belief in a deity? I’ve always been a little confused about that.

I always say things like,“so help me Bob.” If you act like nothing happened people will just let things commence as usual.

Just say so help you god. Its an automatic out since you don’t believe in god the oath can’t be held against you later.

Oh man, so I can lie in court? Awesome!

Nah, don’t worry about it judge, I didn’t mean what I said in the first place so it’s all cool.

James? I thought it was in one of the Gospels, where Jesus says, “Do not swear. Say a thing is so or a thing is not so. Under no circumstances say, a thing is not muthafuckin so.”

As I understand things you don’t have to reup. The crucial thing is your intent and did you understand that you were making a commitment that carries penalties if not carried out.

Hey, I’m a Christian and won’t swear because Jesus said not to do it, so that settles it for me.

But, on whether this implies any wiggle room on your reenlistment, keep the great wisdom of the Disney Universe as testified to my Harlan Ellison:

Nobody fucks with the Mouse.


From the Sermon on the Mount:

Matthew 5:33-37.