If I have to read ONE MORE GODDAM LAYOUT . . .

We are closing the May/June issue of the magazine where I work, and I have had to read every goddam article 20,000 times. OK, I will admit, some of them were interesting the first 10,000 times I read them, but if I have to read them one more time I swear to god I will jump out the window.

Did you know for every magazine you pick up, some poor boob (me) has to make sure that every goddam word is grammatically and textually correct? Check the page numbers, photo credits and captions, punctuation, headlines and subheads?

This is my rant for the day. Just repost it during our next closing.

Awww…you don’t enjoy your job. How sad. Did you ever think of DOING SOMETHING ELSE?

But when I read the May/June issue of Movie Line I’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling everytime I see a page number and think to myself “I know the boob who put that there.”

That’s the price you pay for making the large bucks, Eve.

I’m with ya, Eve. I once did the layout, formatting, proofing, graphics and damn near everything else for a small national newsletter. The absolute worst part was that I also provided some of teh content. No matter how much I liked a column when I wrote it, by the time the thing was ready to ship to the printers I despised every single word. Yeeeccchhhh!!!

Like my young writer’s ego really needed that exercise in self-criticality.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

Little Nemo—Actually, it’s “More.” I just write for “Movieline.”

Wally—Welcome back! “Big bucks?” If you didn’t have a weak heart, I’d tell you about the pathetic tiny salary I squeak by on!

Mouthbreather—Go fuck yourself. Then jump under a subway. While gargling razor blades.

Does last night count?

Hard to do in this town. Our mass transit system is above-ground.

I use the Schick Protector ™, which aren’t very conducive to slicing. So beside the fact that my uvula will feel like a baby’s behind, I doubt that it would do very much.
All shit aside…People post in here about idiots that make their job difficult.
Completely understandable.

People post about asshole bosses.
Completely understandable.

But you’re bitching about the nature of your work, things in your job description, for shit’s sake. Why do it if you fucking hate it so much?

Why do I do it? Because I am trained as a writer and editor, have ten years of it on my resume, and in the NY job market, this is the only fucking job I could get, and I have to earn a living—as well as benefits, which you don’t get as a freelancer and YES I am looking around for a better position and NO there are no other jobs available and the mood I am in right now I am going to reach through my computer screen and rip your fucking tiny throbbing heart out of that smug mouth that you breath through . . .

Oh, excuse me, I have to edit the goddam fucking interview with sonofabitching Anne Bancroft for the one millionth time . . .

Son of a bitch, I wonder why I didn’t extrapolate that from your OP?? My bad.


Warmest wishes from my “smug mouth” and “fucking tiny heart”.


Come back when you’ve spent 20 years in the workforce, kiddo, and tell me how easy it is to up and find a satisfying, well-paying job.


Well, Grandma, I have 5 years in the work force…and I love my job. And while I’m no millionaire, I get by just fine.

I don’t doubt that at your point in your career it’s not easy to “up and find a satisfying, well-paying job.” Guess what? I doubt anyone forced you to follow the job path that you did. Don’t look for sympathy because you now regret your career choice.

“Kids.”-If it makes you feel better to act condescending to a 27-year-old, just because you’re now over 40 and hate your job…more power to you. I find it to be pretty fucking pathetic.

Hey, c’mon now you two, break it up or get a room.

Eve, my image of you is shattered forever: such language :slight_smile:

Anyway, I empathize with your views about editing and re-editing, ad infinitum. What I particularly dislike is that, as a scientist, I am expected to read and edit the galley proofs of all my journal articles. Usually they arrive with no warning and need to be completed and sent to the publisher within a 48-hour window!

I was never trained as a proofreader/copyeditor, and have no urge to become one. Maybe I should just fed-ex my galleys to you? :slight_smile:

I hope that your day has been going better.


mouthbreather, what the hell is your problem?

if I WAS your grandma, young man, you’d be up in your room red-eyed and smartin’ from a beating. I eat little boys liker you for breakfast.

If you’re that bitter and nasty at 27, can’t WAIT to see what you’re like if you make it to MY age.

Thank you for stepping up in a gentlemanly way, Wally! Now go back and lie down before you over-excite yourself.

OK, maybe my original post in this thread was a bit too sarcastic. But if I get a “go fuck yerself” in response, then I figure any reason to remain friendly just flew out the window.

My main point is: Anyone griping about a situation they got themselves into, and has the potential to get themselves out of–I don’t feel the need to have much sympathy for them.

I responded my point again (with cursing, as she had done previously), then she starts wishing physical violence on me and becomes condescending and calling me “kiddo”. I don’t think I have the problem.

Feel free to explain to me why I have a problem, if that’s how you see it.

Eve, I’ve made my point. If you’d like to discuss it further, I’d be happy to. However, I don’t feel the need to engage in a lenghtly pissing contest with you.

Alright, I should have posted this in a MPSIMS “complain about your job” thread. Little did I think when I put it in BBQ Pit that it would become “complain about the poster!”

I rarely complain—and boy, could I!—but I am having a LOUSY week at work (and ladies rarely use the word “lousy”) and felt like blowing off steam—little did I know some mouthbreather would jump down my throat!

OK, from now on I will confine myself to answering movie trivia. If my cats die or my leg falls off or my boyfriend turns out to be a serial killer, I will keep it to myself.

Bastards. All I want is the peace and quiet of the grave, but do I ever get it? No!

Mouthbreather, seriously, can’t someone complain about a situation in his/her life without having someone jump in to say, “well, it’s your choice, you can’t complain about it.” By your logic, people who have children can’t complain about them because it was their choice to have them in the first place.

Eve, I hope things get better. And I know firsthand how much the magazine business sucks.

mouthbreather, if you’re not interested in a pissing contest, why did you start one?

The publishing industry has a glamourous image. Copy editors hang out with the movers and shakers and have three hour martini lunches, right?

Eve’s post shows that it’s not all cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off. Like most jobs, there is a certain amount of drudgery involved. Spend a nickel and buy a clue, mouthbreather.

There was no call for you to tee off on Eve. None whatsoever.


I never said that people couldn’t complain. Please go back and re-read my point a few posts above.


I initially responded with some sarcasm, but there was a point to it–point being: Why do you do this work if you hate it so much? Sorry if that didn’t come shining through. Seems to me the pissing contest started with Eve’s “Go fuck yourself. Then jump under a subway. While gargling razor blades”. I don’t think she had an underlying point with this statement, do you?

I don’t know if you are trying to imply that my image of what Eve’s job is all about matches what you write here. Truthfully, I had no preconceived notion at all about the publishing industry. Wally, I do realize that most jobs involve some shit-work. If the shit-work outweighs the rewards, then you find something else to do.