If I Like Kiki Dee's Greatest Hits Would I Like Her Other Albums

I just got the “Best of Kiki Dee,” and I must say I am impressed with it. I liked every single song on the album.

So my question to Kiki Dee fans, if I liked her “Greates Hits” (2009) do you think I’d like her other CDs.

I know they’ve reissued a bunch of them and I know you’d have no way of really knowing what I’d like, but I thought I’d ask.

I mean I’ve bought other CDs like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey but I found I don’t like any of the other songs on them. I only like the songs they put out as singles.

Fortunately you can find Houston’s and Carey’s CDs in the 99¢ bin at used CD stores.

Wow that’s a name out of the past, I just remember her from Don’t go breaking my heart.

“I got the music in me”! I loaded that song on my mp3 player. Love it. As for the rest of her music, I don’t know, sorry!


I gather she had a big career elsewhere, but in the U.S. she seemed to have sunk like a stone after a couple of songs from the '70s, neither of which I can bear listening to on the radio. Bad times!

I think anyone alive in the 70s would remember the song “I’ve Got The Music In Me

She was actually signed to Motown which may have somewhat stalled her early career. Elton John took a lot of great artists, such as her and Kiki Dee, Cliff Richard and Neil Sedaka (his 2nd career phase) and signed them to his Rocket Records

Oddly enough Don’t Go Breaking My Heart with Kiki Dee was Elton’s first #1 record in the UK. Considering how huge he was in the US at the time and he wouldn’t have another #1 in the UK till Sacrifice in 1990

But back to Kiki Dee, I was really impressed by her voice and the power behind it, and the clarity of the singing. She seems to be a careful singer along the lines of Karen Carpenter, where when she sings she pronounces the words

Her song Loving and Free and Night Moves are excellent, and so is Chicago, but that song is very negative about the city so I can see why it never charted here, but it should’ve. And I will admit I live Olivia Newton-John’s version of Amerouse, better than Dee’s