If I like the musical group Coldplay, I'd also like...

If I like the musical group Coldplay, I’d also like…

Radiohead, the band from which Coldplay ripped off the majority of their style. :smiley:


I thought it’d be mean if I said it… but essentially it’s true. I think of Coldplay as ‘Radiohead for nice people.’ Which doesn’t mean I dislike them.

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Long shot but…Aqualung. Don’t ask me why but they have the same melancholy, classic piano styles. Ok, I’m going away now.

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I don’t dislike them either. I own Rush of Blood to the Head. But there is no doubt that they are Radiohead-Lite. :smiley:

  1. to go to the beach on a very nice day.

  2. to go to the barn and roll in the hay.

  3. the song Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

  4. to throw a new pot from a big lump of clay

  5. to wear blue shoes with a shirt that’s gray

cookie-cutter songs brought to you by multinational groups of wealthy industrial bigwigs intent of robbing you of a lot of money without providing you with very much product. And, HEY, stop downloading those songs, too…

I think that’s the least helpful reply I’ve ever seen. Way to thread-crap, hailstone.

If you like Coldplay you might like this CD of whales making whale sounds.


Now see, that’s funny.

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Keane. See specifically *Everybody’s Changing * and She Has No Time. Beautiful stuff.

Oh boy, yes - when i first heard Coldplay, when one of their early singles was released, i thought it was excellent NZ group Garageland. Check out their storming Last Exit To Garageland (one song off which rips the riff to the Pixies River Euphrates - but they are not anything like the Pixies - more “power pop” than anything else) .

Then there was that later single with that gorgeous piano motif (um, can’t recall what it was called, right now), but that song, and some other of their later material is very evocative of yet another NZ band, namely The Chills. Especially, i think the mid-to later period Chills.

These bands are not as “anthemic” as Coldplay, but i think you might just like them if you like Coldplay.

I know, I should maybe do a list of comparative tracks, but it is ages since i have listened to the Chills, but too busy to dig out and play through everything to remind me. I say try to get to listen to as much of these two groups as you can - even if you find you do not agree with the similarity, you may find two new groups that you like.

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Other superb NZ bands to check out - Bailterspace, Able Tasmans, Headless Chickens
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This isn’t meant as a dig at Coldplay et al, but if you search for ‘Radiohead clones’ in Google, you’ll get loads of bands that people have reviewed saying ‘don’t dismiss them as another Radiohead clone’.

Idlewild, Elbow and Muse are quite high up the list.

Hmm. Since Radiohead took much of their current style from Jeff Buckley, I’d suggest him as well.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Radiohead; I think they’re definitely worshiping the right god. But they’re the worshipers, and Buckley’s the god.

I love Coldplay, too, but mostly because they let me think, if I squint my ears, that Jeff Buckley is still very present in the musical Universe.

because that’s helpful.

I can’t believe no one has mentioned Snow Patrol yet. Particularly “How to be dead”, which is very Coldplay-ish.

AllMusic is great for questions like this.