If I see one more pissy thread about the wait time I'll...

… tut under my breath and then say nothing.

But seriously: How much logical thinking does it take to understand why there’s a 5 minute wait! And how much of a penis do you have to be to decide to complain about it without first considering that there might just be a good reason for it. And how many of similar threads do there have to be before you tell youself that making another one will be an obnoxious idea at best.

And how hard is it to do something else fpr five. minutes.

And seriously, it’s just five bleedin minutes. How many searches do you plan to do today??? Learn to use google!

Just be thankful you’ve got a message board not teeming with racist spotty immature wankers.

My ironical meter just broke.


Yelling at us about this is like screaming at the bartender because you dislike the wallpaper.

We know it’s unpopular. If the system didn’t need it to keep from crashing every 15 minutes it wouldn’t be in place. Would you prefer that instead?

I think you mis-read the op. I’m yelling at the people who are yelling at you.

ETA: Unless you were sort of agreeing with me. In which case it is I who has misunderstood.
ETA: A better analogy would be screaming at the bartender because you have to wait your turn to be served.

TubaDiva I think you have interpreted the OP wrong.

It’s more like yelling at the drunk next to you that thinks you want to hear about his failure at sex with the old hag next to him. Meanwhile the old hag is yelling at you that she don’t like your filthy old friend but your welcome to take her home.

I certainly don’t speak for anyone but I always assumed the bitchers were complaining that the need for a 5 minute wait due to crashing the board was all one and the same. Saying the board needs it to keep from crashing doesn’t help at all. I don’t get starting a thread about it every other day, but seriously, in 2009 a crashing message board run by a large corp is ridiculous.

The above is correct. Why are there so many other VBulletin boards that don’t require a 300 second wait between searches, AND don’t crash? I just don’t get it. I realize that the mods and admins here have limited power to do something about it - well, who has the power? Who do I write to?

… because the bartender is a one-armed epileptic prone to absence seizures. :smiley:

I think I like this one best.

Yes, I did misread. Sorry.

I do wish this wasn’t a problem. Maybe I need to yell at the bartender and get another drink.

Hey people the current thread for complaining about search times is here.

Be sure to ask for something shaken not stirred.

This was somewhat answered in you thread which you started yesterday morning.

So, you have Ed, Jerry, and CL. Good luck.

LOL, it’s more than the wallpaper, it’s like yelling at the bartender that the bathroom doesn’t work. IE something fundamental that everyone else executes without much fanfare that is fundamental to the operation of the business.

I have grown used to the 5 minute wait, which you can bypass by using google, but it just points out what an unprofessional hackjob this website is. Seriously, the boards are suffering from the failure of basic services.

Sure, but can the bartender do anything about it, either?

And I know lots of places that just stop the sitewide search and just let Google do it. As Google stopped indexing us at about a fourth of the way through (or less), I’m quite happy this board didn’t do that.

Here’s a wild, off the wall, thought: Why don’t we just add another sticky thread for people’s complaints about the wait time. That way they won’t have to keep starting new threads every week.

I think this is a counter thread. But then, I might be in a counter universe.

Well it didn’t start out as complain about the search engine thread. It was a complain about the search engine complaint threads that saturate this forum. It’s being hijacked into a second open thread on complaining about the search engine. Like we need more of them. :rolleyes:

Have there really been that many threads about it? Let me do a quick search…

I will repeat, though I’m not sure why, that I know of at least one board, run by a company that sells computer games, for goodness sake, which has NO searches in order to keep the server hamsters happy. I personally will live with whatever it takes to make the capybaras here stay on the job.

And why this board and not some others? Partly the amount of traffic here that tends to be search heavy, partly the physical/cyber set-up of the Board.

Why isn’t it being fixed? Well, mostly because to do so takes resources that our corporate overlords (whomever they may currently be in reality) aren’t willing to sink into this place.