If I wanted conversation...

…I wouldn’t be reading this book.

I can’t stand this. I read a lot, a whole lot. I’m almost always in the company of books. Tell me fellow book worms, does this happen to you?

Scene: I’m in the break room and reading while eating my lunch.

In comes co-worker

co-worker: “What are you doing”

Me: internally What does it look like I’m doing?!

Me: “Oh, I reading this book” *which somehow translates to: “please continue talking to me, I’m not doing anything of import” *

CW: “Oh, is it any good”

Me: “Sure”… I attempt to explain the plot…halfway through:

CW: "Yeah that’s cool, have you seen current movie/tv show/some other co-worker/etc?


It wouldn’t be so bad if it was confined to that one place, but it happens everywhere. On planes, on public transportation, even my wife does it.

What is it about books that seem to cry out to people “Please interupt me, I wish to engage in meaningless chatter”

I’m right with you. For people who aren’t readers, reading is something they only do when they’re in between doing other things. Thus, it’s not doing anything. Mr. Athena does this to me all the time - he’ll be watching something on TV, and I’ll be reading. I don’t ask him questions or make mindless chatter unless a commercial is on. However, he seems to think that because I’m only reading that at any point it’s OK to start yakking at me, usually about whatever program he’s watching. I have yet to find a diplomatic way to say “Dear, if I was interested in the show, I’d be watching it, not reading. As a result, I don’t get a flying f#$# about the goal that was just made, or the funny line that was just uttered, or what big tits that actress has.”

Reading at work is even more difficult. I’ve even had bosses/higher ups have fits over me and/or other employees reading during our lunch hours or while doing mindless tasks. I quit a job because my boss told me that I couldn’t read while doing disk copy jobs - a process that took over an hour, and tied up my machine so I couldn’t do any work. When she approached me about it, I said “But I can’t DO anything else - what should I do? Stare at the wall?” Her reply? “Yes, stare at the wall.”

I quit two weeks later.

If I pick up a book at home and make myself comfy on the couch or in bed, hubby takes it as an invitation. What am I missing? I can be showered, perfumed, nekkid, affecting my most seductive pose, and he’ll wait for a commercial break to acknowledge me. But just let me reach for the latest treasure I found at the used book store…

I love him to pieces, but I do so look forward to his trips out of town sometimes…

Yeah, same thing I get, I don’t think there’s a diplomatic way of saying “Hey you’re being rude”

I’m just the opposite, I have to travel ussually 2-3 times a month, I look forward to them as good oportunites to read undisturbed.

I also have this problem of spousal distraction. I read about one book every day and a half. Whenever I’m haveing my reading time, my husband comes outside and tells me all about his day and wants me to pay attention to him.
Another thing that has ticked me off is that at work I’ve been banned from reading books. I was vying for a leadership role and started reading between calls. The account manager spoke to my manager and I was told that no book reading was allowed. I argued with him because we aren’t supposed to surfing the web. He told me to that it is better to surf the web (which is strictly prohibitted here) than to read, because it makes me look productive. All the while there are no rules about reading books on the job. Now I can only read after the managers leave at 5.

ive gotten quite good at it.

dumbass: what are you reading?
reader: does not engage in eye contact, holds up book so dumbass can read cover, waits five seconds, commences reading again.

dumbass: is it any good?
reader: resolutely refuses to make eye contact, says: yes. commences reading again.

dumbass: what’s it about?
reader: stubbornly refuses to make eye contact. says: i don’t know. i haven’t finished it yet. commences reading again.

only the dumbest of dumbasses will attempt any further conversation. if they do…
reader: finally makes eye contact, places disgusted expression on face. says: can’t you see im trying to READ? commences reading again.

Well, see, there’s your mistake right there. Don’t bother trying to explain the book because obviously this person has NO interest in it. If they ask, “Is it good?” you say, “Yup,” and go right on reading. Ignore any further attempts to converse. I’m not concerned with trying to be polite to them since they are clearly not concerned with being polite to me or else they wouldn’t have interrupted my reading.

Whether printed or merely indicated:

“Signs do not apply to the illiterate.”