If I were a rich man...

Ok, if I were a rich man, I wouldn’t do this, but if I had some extra cash to blow, I would actually consider at least some of these. and I am not associated in any way with the website I found these things at, I’m just playing around…

Stage Two Handling Package (strut tower brace, rear sway bar, H&R springs, and front and rear KYB dampers)
Part Number: PKG003 … $699.00

SPS Cat-Back Exhaust Piping - stainless steel
Part Number: EX004SS … $289.00

Complete Rear Disc Brake Conversion Package (rotors, calipers, lines, fasteners)
Part Number: PKG006-4 … $749.00

Hardcore Powertrain Package (intake manifold, cylinder head, pistons, rings, flywheel, clutch, and gaskets)
Part Number: PKG008 … $3199.00

SPS 350 kpa Fuel Pressure Regulator, 95-97 DOHC and SOHC
Part Number: FPR35002 … $99.00

SPS Stage One Brake Package
Part Number: PKG004 … $719.00
(I’ll need to combine this with the rear disc conversion somehow, so I assume the final price would be less than the sum of the two)

AEM Cold Air Intake 91-99 DOHC, 95-02 SOHC, Polished
Part Number: AEM630P … $239.00

OK, the site didn’t have headers any more, so that’s why one is not listed. And they also do not sell wheels, and I didn’t like the tires. So I’ll budget another $1500 or so for headers and wheels/tires.

So, for less than $8K, I can have a very stock-looking sleeper. That might beat, what? A stock Mazda 3? A Honda Si?

Whatever, it’s just fun anyway. What did I leave out? Bear in mind that I’m not putting any stupid wings or graphics on it, I’m an old married guy who’s not into looking cool, just going fast. :wink: