If i were bisexual

If gay marriage were legal. Would it be possible for a bisexual to marry both a male and female?

If this is possible, i would marry myself a rich man, and an extremely hot chick. Divorce the rich man and get half of his money and estate.

THis brings me to another question, how long must a person be married to get half of the assets when they divorce?

Is this possible or do i have to actually work for a living?

Being married to more than one person is bigamy and I don’t think that’s legal anywhere in the US. Homosexual marriage is about allowing two people of the same sex to get married, it doesn’t have anything to do with MORE than two people.

I know that, but gay marriage would have to be legal for me to go ahead and marry a man.

At the same time? As Valgard says, it’s bigamy. Assuming gay marriage is made legal, it’s a bigger stretch to ever think bigamy would made legal, especially under the circumstances you illustrate.

Cite? Perhaps we need some stats (if available) and see if this opinion has any basis in fact. You infer the poorer spouse always gets half the other’s assets.

WAG - It depends on the location where you get married and where you get divorced. Sounds to me you creating a sham marriage concept that any decent judge/lawyers would see through so fast the real result might be something else entirely.

Depends on the lifestyle you think you can sustain.

Yes but it’s still one marriage. The only thing that would change is whether you’d be able to marry one man or one woman. It’s like saying you get one ice cream cone, but you can choose whatever flavor of ice cream you like. More options, but still just one cone in the end.

snerk :smiley:

So it would be possible if done at different times.

So long as you divorce the person you were married to before.

So oral sex here would be … conehead?


Why wait until gay marrage is legal? Why not find a hot rich woman and cut out the middle man?

I like the way you think.
Remind me to remind Mrs. Slant that I’m not to marry you…

I guess the perception is that it’s easier to get money from a rich man via the divorce court than from a hot rich woman under any terms. :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense, Psycho, but what makes you assume there’s a gay millionaire out there who wants to marry you? Or a hot chick for that matter?

Duh. Once he has half the gay millionaire’s fortune, finding hot chicks will not be a problem! :smiley:

And this is why the pre-nuptial agreement was invented. :rolleyes:

Hopefully the hot chick would divorce you, taking half your money and marry a quality bloke.

Having a same-sex marriage does not put you on any sort of “registration for life” list. It’s not like declaring your political party affiliation :slight_smile:

The movement to allow for same-sex marriages is intended to let any two people, straight or gay, to be married. And divorced. The aim is not to have separate rules for gays and straights, it’s to give them EQUAL rights.

So in a perfect world you can marry and scam anyone you like.