If I were in charge of the US prision system...

I would not make obtaining a college degree mandatory for anyone. Why fill the classes with people who don’t want to learn? It only makes it more difficult for those who do want to learn. But I would offer incentives for sucessful completion of cources. Extra privledges, time off one’s sentence, whatever.

I would make educational oportunities available for all prisoners. Everything from literacy classes to grad school should be available for those who want to get more education, and who are academically qualified for the level of study for which they apply. The majority of prisoners are not well educated. There would be a lot more in the basic literacy classes and the GED classes then in anything more advanced.

I would also put a good library in every prison, with plenty of books on a wide varity of topics. I’d make provision for prisoners to request that the library purchase specific books and books on specific topics of interest. No porn, but no other restrictions. I’d make acess to this library easily available (but I’d be quick to eject anyone who created a disturbance), and I’d let prisoners withdraw books.

I’d also make available plenty of self-improvment oprotunities, such as a variety of 12-step programs: for drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, violence, etc.

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