If I were Mexico, I'd build Trump's wall for him.

I seem to remember the Berlin Wall’s stated purpose as being intended to protect East Berlin from the degrading influence of the capitalist Western culture. We in The West, of course, considered it a prison fence. Matter of perspective, I guess.

But if we were to take Trump’s words as truly reflective of his worldview and actual intentions, doesn’t it seem like America would pretty quickly be overflowing with refugees seeking to escape religious and racial persecution as our political pendulum hammers into the fascism zone? If I’m Mexico, I’ve got plenty of my own issues to worry about without having to settle a bunch of needy, spoiled gringos who have already demonstrated a reluctance to learn Spanish. I just might be consulting with Mr. Trump regarding his opinions for various wall specifications. He might indeed be able to get Mexico to pay for it.

Is the point to keep out Americans? Mexico wouldn’t do that, we spend a lot of money down there. And as I’ve learned from “King of the Hill”, Americans can’t own property in Mexico, so there’s no problems for Mexico if we want to travel down there, dump a month’s paycheck into booze and drugs, then come back

It is nothing short of amazing what the U.S. Dollar has transformed Cabo San Lucas into. I was there in the 80’s (dirt road, a few tents) and I was there a month ago (Not like Vegas, but let’s say, a dirty Laughlin).

It would also make it harder for the drug cartels to sell their drugs to us and that might hurt Mexicos economy. Why do you want to hurt the Mexican economy?

How do you know this hasn’t been Trump’s plan all along with his statement? Maybe THIS IS HOW he’ll get Mexico to pay for the wall!

Which is why the East Berlin side had armed guards there ready to shoot anyone who tried to get past it?

I would expect the Mexicans who are illegally working in the U.S. often send a lot of money back to Mexico to their families.

Building the wall would create jobs that would pump up the economy.

That’s only temporary though. People will be buying drugs forever.

One thing: I’ve never called Trump a dummy. I’ve frequently wondered what he’s up to, and have always suspected him of being a (narcissistic) chess master and player of the people. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find he has a master plan known only to him, packaged in a way he knows will be misunderstood in a very specific way.

Only until the war on drugs gets a little traction…Maybe after [strike]wasting[/strike] spending another trillion dollars, some headway may be made.

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Cabo San Lucas had cobblestone roads and houses and hotels, restaurants and bars and everything else in the 70s.

Spoiled gringos?? Hmmm…this is nice; it absolves the illegal activities of illegal immigrants and puts the blame onto people who…what, don’t learn Spanish? Damn them! Damn them to Hell!

Sound reasoning, to be sure!


No, people who move to a foreign country but expect the foreign country to be exactly the same as Back Home only cheaper.

Dude. Get some oxygen. This thread is not about non-English-speaking immigrants in the USA. There is an element of non-Spanish-speaking immigrants in Mexico, however. Not sure how you make the connection to absolution of some kind. You been waterboarding the logic again?

Nice prank there OP.

Which tangentially does raise the issue.

If indeed the USA starts drifting into something resembling Fascism, a lot of Americans are going to be looking to go someplace else. And their departure will be cheered by the Fascist-leaning mob. The smarter Germans left in the early 30s, not the late 30s.

But which countries will be interested in taking in millions or tens of millions of ordinary Americans? Some will be rich; most will be middle class at best.

A middle-class American can afford to spend big on a vacation to, e.g., a small Latin American or Caribbean country only because the American is going back to his USA-waged job in a week.

If that same middle class American tries to emigrate to that same country he/she brings skills, but relatively little financial assets. And odds are doesn’t speak a language other than American.

About the only countries that could absorb that large a refugee flow without bursting would be China or India. The culture clash would be big though.

It’ll be interesting for sure.