If I were rich, I'd put a slide in my Manhattan Townhouse


Extra points if you land in a ball pit at the bottom!

Do I even want to know what a “ball pit” is?

It’s an enclosed area full of colorful plastic balls, used hypodermics, and poisonous snakes.

I’m wondering if he tried for a Bat-pole first, but couldn’t get the permits.

From the cite in the OP:

So apparently there isn’t one. But, for his net worth, he can probably afford one.

lieu – it’s an innocent idea. Kids’ playgrounds with slides (indoor ones, anyway) often have a pit filled with circa 4" diameter plastic balls.
Not that you can’t use them for adult purposes. I’ve stumbled across webfiction describing such. But that slide looks as if its in a glassed-in area, so unless you’re an exhibitionist, you might want to reconsider it.

Requisite xkcd link.

I’m surprised that the homeowner turned out to be a professional poker player instead of a dotcom millionaire.

It’s a fancy name for a jock strap.

We’re adults now, and we get to define what that means!