If it Flies, It Dies

Yesterday on the drive home from work, I was stopped behind a pickup truck driven by, I presume, a duck hunter.

He had a Ducks Unlimited sticker, two actually, and a sticker shaped like a Golden Retriever head on the back window.

Centered under the dog head sticker, was the phrase
“If it Flies, It Dies” with yet another sticker, this one of a cartoonish duck hunter in waders a holding a gun.

Now I’m not going to debate the merits of hunting or the conservation efforts of Ducks Unlimited. Although, I do find it ironic that DU is active in the wetlands conservation movement in order to maintain waterfowl population so they can SHOOT THE BIRDS.

I just find the phrase, If it Flies, It Dies, to be extremely tasteless. It seems counter to the whole DU stance of responsible hunting.


You’ve obviously never gone housefly hunting! i once caught me a fly that weighed 0.000000034 pounds! i got his head mounted above my fireplace, i do! come on by and see it sometime! we can have hot cocoa and trade flying insect hunting stories!
But if your going to argue the merits of defending and building up something so you can destroy it, then you’ve neve built a sandcastle and then played Godzilla with it, now have you? (not meant to sound offensive, i just can’t get it to not sound that way)

I regularly hunt mosquitoes. And I use a bazooka.

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet.
I’m hunting wabbits.

[sub]did that last line sound like Elmer Fudd or Beavis and Butthead?[/sub]

You could get your own bumper sticker that says “If it belches, it felches.”

Hey, bald eagles fly! Would that redneck hunter kill bald eagles too? After all, if it flies, it dies! Even possessing a single feather from an engangered species like the bald eagle could result in jail time.