If Jack Chick was an alcoholic instead of a Jesusholic



I had never even dreamed possible “Modern Drunkard Magazine”. That’s some funny shit, though.

I may hate the expression, but I’ll certainly agree with Just1Lurk’s sentiment. :slight_smile:

Didn’t really find this funny, but it is quite informative and looks to be a valuable weapon in the War on Ignorance. I put a link to it in my AIM profile.

He’d have died years ago and the world would be a better place.

expect to see that removed after the site owner gets a cease & desist letter from JTC’s lawyers. Alas, a lot of great parody perished from the Net after Chick got his lawyers after them.

True FriarTed. Although, one site got away with it by re-drawing the artwork almost (but quite) the same as the original.