if McDonald's is a bunch of franchises, how do they hold a "national hiring day"?

from here http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42412605/ns/business-consumer_news/

shouldn’t the local restaurant owners be making decisions as to who to hire and when? Or have they increased their control over the franchisees to a point similar to one of a chain over local managers?

It sounds like the McDonald’s corporation is coordinating hiring efforts “across the country” in an effort to help franchises find qualified people (and to drum up interest). I don’t see how this infringes upon the rights on the franchises to hire whomever they want, whenever they want. Think of it as “free” publicity for the franchises.

McDonald’s does own and operate a number of restaurants itself, though the majority are franchises.

Perhaps McD’s corporate offers this event as a service to franchises to reduce the cost of recruiting new hires by taking advantage of economy of scale.

This is probably done like all their other nationwide promotions: with the caveat that “prices and participation may vary”.

It’s probably because McDonalds is always needs workers. I am thinking this is nothing less that a good publicity stunt.

It’s like I’ve worked in hotels almost my whole life and I have never worked at one hotel were we didn’t need to hire housekeepers nor have I worked at any hotel where they had to advertise for them. We always had plenty of applications on file.

Perhaps the franchisees are contractually obliged to take part as part of their franchise agreement.

STOP! Are you saying there is high turnover in the fry frier career track? :eek:

Indeed, a publicity stunt. Although stunt seems somehow harsh. Corporate is probably asking all franchisees to be available to hire walk-ins or over the internet applicants on a certain specific day in order to have a large number of people hired on one day.

Besides, spin it how you want, adding a large number of workers to McD’s stores is not exactly the sign of economic recovery I am looking for anyways. Of the millions out of work because of the last 4 years, even full-time non-management work at McDonald’s is stop gap at best. But that is another topic.