If not labled "Toxic"....

is something assumed to be non toxic? For example, my bottle of Downey fabric softener has no statements regarding the consumption of fabric softner by humans. No flush with running water, no induction of vomiting, not anything.

Not that I’m bound to pound down my Downey or anything, but I did get to wondering. If there’s no statement on the packaging, can we assume that Downey is non toxic?

I’m gonna go with no on this one. If it says non-toxic or toxic, that’s one thing, but if neither is present, I’d call poison control.

And here is a list of USA poison Control Centers.

I’m not a legal eagle, but don’t they open themselves up to some kind of lawsuit by not having any warning at all? In this day and age, when people try to get settlements out of everything?

You can call their consumer hot line and ask for an Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) it will give you more than you ever wanted to know about drinking Downey

Bad assumption. A common phrase used by toxicologists (I am not one, but know several) is that the dose makes the poison. For example, water is generally assumed to be non-toxic, but it is possible to die from an overdose (and not by drowning). I wasn’t able to find any reference concerning when such labeling is required, so it may be possible that drinking the entire container wouldn’t result in a high enough dose to do harm. On the other hand, I have memories of a joke that struck me at the time of being absolutely hilarious, having to do with a little boy who poured fabric softener into his aquarium and being dismayed that his fish “softened to death.” That particular form of toxic effect may not have been considered during testing, so caution is advised.

No kidding, I found it online warning PDF. I don’t know about toxic per se, but it does sound unpleasant. Not too sure I’d want to experiance Clean Linen scented gastrointestinal distress.