If nothing can't come come from nothing. How did they get rid of all that something?

I heard a talk show host say, “Their must be a god because nothing can’t come from nothing.”. My question is how did they get rid of all the something? Getting rid of something must be just as hard to do making nothing be nothing. Why is non existance so easy to do and existance such a hard thing? I would be interested in hearing other peoples ideas out this. : :confused:

Ummm . . .
I’m trying, but I’m just not making it.

The argument goes that according to common sense, matter doesn’t just spontaneously come into being. Therefore, God must have created everything, because it couldn’t have come from nowhere.

Are you asking why Christians believe there was nothing in the first place?

Who got rid of what again?

Usually I call the goodwill store and they come and get it.

umm…isn’t the argument “there must be a god because something can’t come from nothing”?

It’s usually the Buddhists who believe in nothingness, not the (presumably Christian) people on talk shows.

Maybe you should read my post in this thread.

I think Beaten has an excellent question, mostly because, as to the origin of the universe…

…I doubt common sense has much to tell us about it.
(not that I have anything else to add, I’m still trying to get over “what happened ‘before’ time started?”)

I think what the OP is asking is how did the original state of nothingness come to be. And, I guess, would it still be nothingness if God was part of it. Or something.

As Already in Use has pointed out, there is already a thread underway that is tangential to this opening post. But I think that Darwin’s Finch has reasonably expressed what the question is as well as the answer; namely, that such “nothingness” would necessarily be outside of and not relating to the existence of the natural world.

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