If Obama wins convincingly in November...

Would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be forced to seek gainful employment?

Perhaps Jesse could go back to spitting in the white folk’s hamburgers.

Seriously, it would be worth it to elect him just so those two could stfu and gbtw.

Yes, I’m sure the two will declare racism over and then go to refrigeration school.

Sorry to mellow your harsh, Happy Wanderer, but Barack Obama’s success will not put Al and Jesse out of work. They are never at a loss for something pithy (or pissy) to say. That won’t change, no matter who’s in the White House.

But it certainly would be arguable that if a black is elected President, that the idea that racism is pervasive in the country would be rendered pretty impotent. Will there always be racists? Maybe not. Will there be racists for the rest of our and our children’s lifetime? You betcha. But at what point does it become a non-issue? Most of the hardcore racists have fled to Idaho and such, and don’t impact the rest of us much anymore, IMHO.

I suppose they will never declare victory as long as the war is lining their pockets.

And if he loses will you interpret that to mean that racism is pervasive?

No. In fact, his early win in a white as white state is evidence enough for me that it is not. I think that at this point, blacks are the least of the targets of racism. Mexicans and Arabs are far more easy to openly hate these days. And as Chris Rock has noted, there isn’t any bigger racist than an old black man…

I have Arab freinds that hate Jews, Jewish freinds that hate Arabs, many latinos hate blacks and vice-versa. Both of those hate the chinese. The Chinese hate the Japanese. The Japanese think they are the cheeze. There is plenty of hate to go around along many different axis.

Me, I hate all the races, including my own. :wink:

I doubt it. As long as urban poverty exists, there will be a ready market for the hatemongering of those two black racists. Any group in a bad situation - or who perceive themselves to be in a bad situation - will be predisposed to blame someone else for their problems, and thanks to Messrs Jackson and Sharpton, this particular group has already become used to buying into that mindset.

You should strive to have more tolerant friends.

It’s more that I have a wide variety of friends and this is what I notice. Almost everyone harbors a grudge. Ask an Armenian about the Turks. Should I have no Armenian friends?

Then you are being inconsistent.

It’s stupid to take the outcome of this election as evidence of anything, either way. If Obama wins the election, it could mean that his race was a non-consideration for a majority/plurality of voters. Or it could speak to the fact that his opponent’s inadequacies outweigh the liability of Obama’s race.

In 2004, if Bush had run against a sack of potatoes, I would have voted for the latter. But that says more about my negatives views towards Bush than anything positive about spuds.

Now, what do you have against “spuds”? And are you aware that most potatoes consider that term to be racist? Some of my best friends are potatoes, so just watch yourself with that kind of talk around me.

Denying the antecedent is a logical fallacy: If A, then B. Not A, therefore not B.

I’m sure you know that…

OMG a fallacy nazi! The refuge of the simplistic thinker. I postulate that racism is not pervasive in the USA. Obama becoming POTUS supports my argument. Obama not becoming POTUS does not destroy my original postulate, it merely does not support it. Not so hard to figure. Personally, my black candidate of choice is George Wallace , but he isn’t campaigning very hard.

Just out of curiosity, Happy, at what point exactly did racism reach an acceptable level in this country? Should black people have just been happy when we emancipated them? Was it enough when they stopped getting lynched? Was it enough when the laws against drinking in the White People water fountain were abolished? Was it enough when they could go to school? Was it enough when they could vote? Was it enough when they could work? I mean, c’mon, how many rights do those people need? I can certainly understand the concerns you raise in the OP. If we don’t put a stop to all this progress soon, someday we may not have any racism left at all and then where will we be?

You know he was replying to You with the face, not you, right?

Well yeah it’s fallacious. But I can’t see how the OP can rationally argue that Obama’s winning would prove that racism is dead, unless he is at least willing to chalk his loss up to racism. Otherwise it looks like a case of “he’s already got his mind made up and is just looking for things to support that belief, while discounting things that don’t.”

What legal rights do you feel blacks are being denied TODAY?

Never said it was dead, but I do assert that it is not pervasive. As to the rest, I explained it in the previous post.

Okay, replace “dead” with “not pervasive”. My rebuttal to your argument still stands.

So you are arguing that racism is pervasive today? :rolleyes: