If Obama wins on Nov 4, I'm gonna buy some stock on Nov 5

I’ve never owned a single share of stock in my life.

But I plan to buy something to demonstrate some faith and confidence in an Obama presidency.

Just an idea I have. Maybe I’ll even make a bit of money on it.

Good luck. Certainly Mr. Obama will right all of the financial institutions’ transgressions immediately and the world will be a better place. He appears to be poised to solve all of the world’s military conflicts too. Perhaps even eradicate leprosy.

I hear he’ll also get rid of sarcasm.

Unless he’s smarter than all of the Democrats already running the oversight committees on banking and the like, I don’t see it happening.

I doubt it. If Obama wins, the bottom will fall out of the market, most likely.

Have you looked at the market recently?

Last night, my mother told me, in all seriousness, that if Obama won on November 4th, on November 5th we’d all be in the poor house. I forbore to mention that even if (hopefully when) Obama wins on the 4th, it’d be about 3 months before he took office so anything that happens on the 5th isn’t his responsibility.


There are reasons I don’t discuss politics with my folks anymore.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately that much of the economy is little but the collective society pretending certain things have value. Wouldn’t an increase in trader confidence do much to help stabilize things, even if Obama does little on his own (and certainly could do nothing until January anyway)?

Well, pick something that is solid, like General Mills (GIS), Wal-Mart (WMT) or Public Storage (PSA). They’re boring, but financially solid. At least you won’t lose your ass with one of them.

Of course. Consumer confidence and mood of the entire world have an enormous impact on the markets, as this is a global crisis. Landslide election wins are often good boosts for the economy, tight contested races not as good.

If I had extra money to invest, I wouldn’t wait until next week to buy stock. The time to buy is now, while prices are very low. Eventually the market will come back up, you just have to be smart – or lucky – enough to pick one that will last. Personally, I’d buy Campbell’s Soup, which is actually UP since the beginning of the year.

I was going to say the same thing: buy now. It’s quite likely that the current Market is pretty much at the lowest point it’s going to be for a very long time. It might go a bit lower, but probably only in the short term. It also might stagnate for a few years, with little to no growth. But it will definitely grow again.

Right now, even solid stocks have taken hits in value while the lending industry drags everything down. Do some research, and start buying now. Those solid industries are going to recover sooner or later. I’d bet sooner myself, but in any case always invest in the market with long-term thinking. Short-term investments are horribly risky.

Edit: If Obama does indeed see a solid win, expect the stocks to rebound quickly in the short term. The markets often react well to clear changes of direction in the presidency. Don’t believe conservative crap that Obama will hurt the Market–a lot of economists are endorsing his ideas, and with Greenspan’s admission of “a flaw,” the brand of conservative, unregulated economics post-Reagan doesn’t have a lot of credibility. Change will be good, and I expect the market will agree.

You’re wrong, but the OP probably is, too. The market should recover over the long term, but there are problems that won’t go away just because Obama is elected and are likely to get worse over the next year or two, including weakness in the housing market.

Just so you know, this is probably not the best way to invest, if your goal is to make money. But if it’s simply to make a statement, more power to you.

This is the first time I am putting this in print so take note. I believe that whoever gets elected will be looking good in 3 plus years. The economy will recover in spite of who is elected. The choice is for who will screw up the long term economy the least.

One more point, if you feel uncomfortable picking your own stocks (and, if you’re a novice, you definitely should), invest in some index funds.

And think long term! Be diversified! Etc.

Here’s a good NY Times article about this.

Traditionally, the stock market hates uncertainty. Whoever wins in November, the market will go up in the few weeks following the election. That’s been the historic trend, whether a Democrat or Republican is elected.

The exception was the 2000 election, where the uncertainty continued for many weeks after the election date.

Ding! Right now, everyone’s wandering around wondering who is going to win the election, and until the matter’s settled, there’s going to be a lot of fluctuations in the market. Once we’ve picked a President, people are going to say, “I think ‘X’ is going to happen.” and start doing whatever they think is the appropriate action. I’d imagine that if McCain were to win, stocks in defense companies would go up, while if Obama wins, stock in alternative energy companies would go up. (Whether either of these industries see their stocks stay up is another matter, and one in which only time will tell.)

Sorry, I won’t be buying any stock if McCain wins. I will most likely be drinking myself to death.

Also, if you just invest in a stock for fun more than for investment, and aren’t staking a lot in it, I think it would be most satisfying to invest in a company whose products you like, or you’ve had good experiences with, etc. Those are as good reasons to invest in a company as any.