If one night you were given peerless golfing talent...

say, by a Goddess or God who took a shine to you. If given the chance, you’d dominate the Tour. What steps would you take to break into the professional levels of your sport? What would be the fastest route to getting on the PGA Tour? Let’s also say you’re late 30s when you’re granted this talent.

Most probably a sponsor’s exemption. With said talent, it would be a picnic to win the event for which I was sponsored and garner the subsequent exemptions.

Or you could try and make the cuts at the try outs for one of the opens. I’m not 100% but I always thought that the British open at least they have quailfing the week before.

The other option is to play the Nation(?) tour. A few wins there, especially if you won by big margins, and someone would ask you to play.

Are you going to need a caddie? I’ll only take 5%, they usually take 10% of the winnings, but hey if you’re gonna win big then I’ll take the pay cut.

Pay your entry fee and win the Monday qualifier to gain entrance, then win the tournament.

I would go to my grave never knowing that I was good at golf, since I’ll die without ever having played it.