If only I could sing like, or write like...

If only I could sing like…

  1. Denny Doherty (Mamas and the Papas)

Write like…

  1. Doestoyevsky

Compose like

  1. Tschaikovsky

Sing Like… Aretha Franklin or Patsy Cline, depending on my mood.

Write like… Larry McMurtry, hands down.

Can’t compose crap so won’t even try :slight_smile:

Sing like Nat King Cole.

Compose like Rachmaninoff.

Paint like Klimt.

Play piano like Ashkenazy.

Sing like young Marianne Faithfull or older Ella Fitzgerald.

Compose like Maurice Ravel or Radiohead.

Write like A.S. Byatt or Dostoevsky – good call, Cicero.

Sing like Azam Ali.

Write like F. Scott Fitzgerald (serious) or Terry Pratchett (humorous).

Compose like Rachmaninoff.

Sing like Linda Ronstadt and write like Stephen King.

Sing like Ella Fitzgerald or Peggy Lee

Write like Anthony Bourdain or Lorrie Moore.